Foxtail Palm Australian Native Grass-Growing Guide

Foxtail Palm Pests and Diseases to Beware of

Root rot, crown rot 

If your Foxtail palm has crown or root rot, you might notice yellowing and browning. It could be a sign that your tree has begun to wilt. Below the soil, soft or mushy root could be present.

The cause of this disease is usually over watering and soil that doesn’t drain well. Weather conditions that are cold and damp can also affect your tree. 

Leaf blight 

This is a fungal disease and you’ll notice brown spots that are surrounded by yellow borders. To remove infected leaves, you can give your tree a thorough prune. 

Brown spot 

The Foxtail palm is a popular choice for many types and species of leaf spotfunguses. If you’re dealing with brown spots, you might see circle spots or slightly stretched out ones. Copper-based fungicides can be very effective for your tree.

When you water your tree, don’t wet it from above as this can kick start this disease. It is important to allow Foxtail palms enough ventilation.

Ganoderma Buttrot 

Ganoderma bottrot can be a serious fungus.. It causes the tree’s leaves to fall and to wither. Any new growth on the tree is a very light green or a yellow colour and won’t look very healthy.

The trunk will begin to develop dents closer the soil. They start out as small white dots and then turn brown. They can grow to as much as 30 cm in height. This disease has no cure, and can kill Foxtail Palms in a matter of years. 

You’ll need to remove it from the garden so the disease doesn’t spread to other plants and trees. 

Potassium deficiency

You will notice smallish yellow spots on your Foxtail palm’s old leaves if it has a potassium problem. These spots can spread to the entire frond. This condition won’t kill your tree which is good news.

You will eventually notice new leaves growing and replacing the ones that are gone, so be patient. You can fertilize your palm with potassium fertiliser to provide it with the nutrients it requires. 

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency can cause Foxtail Palm leaves to turn yellow and then become brown. It can happen if you overwater your tree and if it’s growing in a pot even more so.

It is important that roots receive enough airflow. You can restore the balance of your tree’s needs by using a slow release iron-based fertiliser.

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Foxtail Palm Australian Native Grass-Growing Guide

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