Flannel Flower – Actinotus Helianthi Native Guide

Actinotus, scientifically called Actinotus Helithi, which can be translated as “furnished with rays”Common names include Federation stars and Flannel flower, which refer to the shrub’s stary floral displays. 

It is a native of Sydney’s bushland, and is part the Apiaceae (carrots and celery) family. Before the Waratah, the flowers were the floral emblem for New South Wales, paying homage to the plant’s incredible blooms. 

Actinotushelianthi is easy to grow in cultivation. It can reach 0.3 to 1.5 m high and 0.3 – 0.75 m wide. It is found in all areas of Australia, except in the tropics.

To ensure that it survives the winters, it may be necessary to place it somewhere warm and protected in colder climates. This native shrub is a rare species.

If permitted, they can self-seed in favorable conditions. These are common landscaping uses:

Its beautiful flowers, leaves and colors allow it to blend in seamlessly with most garden settings. They can be planted in native gardens, cottage gardens, and coastal gardens.

The flowers will attract native insects, bees and butterflies. The cut flowers will make for an excellent addition to floral arrangements that can be used to further elevate your home’s décor.

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Flannel Flower – Actinotus Helianthi Native Guide

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