Growing Guide for Ficus Elastica, a Rubber Plant

Ficus elastica is a member of the Ficus (fig) family, as its name suggests. The rubber plant can grow up to 30 metres high in the great outdoors.

Indoor varieties are now more contained, which is a blessing for our homes. It is a native of India, Nepal, Myanmar and China.

There is no denying that the rubber fig is good looking – the leaves are something close to perfection. They are shiny and spread out. You can have Ficus elastica in a window, on a table, or strategically placed anywhere in your home. Just make sure the tree doesn’t get a draft wherever it’s going to live. 

Ficus elastica will get taller and may need help to stay upright. You can tie them down or use a stake to help. The rubber tree is easy to look after (always good news), and doesn’t need much light to be happy.

Avoid excessive water, too much light, drafts, and too little water. 

Rubber Plant Benefits

We love plants with health benefits. The rubber tree is highly recommended as a houseplant for clean air. The tree can actually increase humidity in a room. 

Apart from Ficus elastica as a botanical name, you might have heard this tree called the rubber fig or rubber tree. But what is the relevance of the name? The white sap that oozes out of the leaves and stems when they are cut is called rubber. There is a lot of it.

The sap is toxic and can cause irritation to your skin and eyes. Take care of your rubber tree.

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Growing Guide for Ficus Elastica, a Rubber Plant

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