Dracaena Marginata – Australian Growing Guide

Dracaena Marginata Propagation

If you are looking at growing your own Dracaena marginata, you’re in for an easy job. It is easy to propagate your Dracaena marginalata using distilled waters for stem cutting. This can be done when the plant has reached its maximum growth.

The cuttings take about 3 weeks for roots to start sprouting and you don’t even need any rooting hormone.

When you’re ready to plant your cutting, here are some guidelines to follow:

Propagating Dracaena Marginata into a Pot

If your cutting is going to live in the pot, you want to ensure you’ve got a great soil mixture and adding about a third of compost to the soil quantity is recommended.

You want to make sure that the drainage is good – you can use small stones for example at the bottom of the pot and create a filter layer. This makes sure your plant roots won’t be swimming in water.

Dracaena Margata may need repotted every 3 years. 

Growing Madagascar Dragon Tree Outdoors

If you’re planning to plant Dracaena marginalata outdoors, it will love a warmer temperature. They really can’t handle the cold. As a guideline, if the temperature drops below 17 degrees Celsius in winter, you’ll need to rethink the outdoors as a planting site.

A filter bed can be made with small stones in the same manner as you would plant in containers. To your drainage layer, you can add sand, soil mixture, or garden soil.

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Dracaena Marginata – Australian Growing Guide

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