The hottest days of summer should be behind us now that we’ve gotten past Labor Day, BUT that doesn’t mean some areas aren’t still hot.  This is the one thing we don’t recommend for staying cool.

Someone was using a leaf blower to help cool off and unfortunately the power of the blower was so strong it caused someone’s dentures to go flying!

Jasper Newton Daniel was born on September 5, 1846. Jack Daniel, who is the name of the legendary Tennessee Whiskey is the most well-known person that Jack Daniel has ever known, however.

Jack Daniel started his distillery in 1875. Old No. It has been around for many decades. 7 has gained a large fanbase and is a beloved spirit all over the world.

How loyal are Jack Daniel’s fans? Many of them get tattoos to honor Jack Daniel’s whiskey! You can see ten different designs in Instagram by using #tattoo #JackDanielsTattoo.

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Don’t Use a Leaf Blower to Cool Off

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