So you’re geared up and ready to purchase a new lawn mower, but you’re unsure whether it will come with oil already in the engine or if you need to get some first. Doubts like these can make purchasing a new lawn mower confusing and somewhat worrying because it’s not always clear what you should do. So, let’s take a look at the different situations, and let me share my best advice.

Is your mower lubricated?

It all depends on where you bought your lawnmower. If you want to purchase a top-brand mower, an engine that has been pre-delivery checked will be required. Before the customer receives the mower, the dealer has checked it to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s standards. This inspection involves testing the engine and ensuring that the oil level is correct.

There is a very small chance that the mower you ordered online will have oil. This is because oil can leak from the engine if it’s not sealed properly. So, if you have seen a product online, it’s best to check if a bottle of oil is included with your purchase.

Why I recommend buying a bottle of oil

Once you have your new mower at home, it’s always best to keep a bottle of oil on hand. Here’s why I think purchasing a big bottle of oil is always a good idea.

The Right Oil Level Everytime

Once you start using your mower, you’ll need to be checking the oil regularly. This is a good thing to do each time you mow your garden. You’d be amazed at how quickly oil can evaporate once the mower has been put to work, especially for large yards.

Also, always having spare oil around will make sure you’re not tempted to use your mower when it’s low on oil.

Different Climates

If you happen to be down in one of the hotter states, then you’re going to find that you may need to be topping off oil more regularly than if you live in a cooler state. Lawn mowers must work harder in summer because they are exposed to heat. This can be seen in the way the oil burns. Oil may need to be used in a slightly more extreme way to deal with lower temperatures.

Preparing for your first oil-change

New lawn mowers need to have their oil changed as soon as possible. The rule of thumb is to change the oil after the engine has been running for 5 hours. This is to ensure that the engine has been properly installed. This is when the engine requires time to evenly wear the pistons in each cylinder.

Tiny metal particles can build up on the cylinders and can be mixed into the oil. So, having a bottle of oil at hand not only means you can always keep the engine topped off, but you’ll also be prepared for your first oil change.

Why your Mower shouldn’t be run on low oil

The worst thing you can do to your engine is to use low oil or no oil. Oil is used for lubricating the engine’s internal parts, such as the crankshaft or piston. These parts will rub against each other and wear down quickly if they are not lubricated at the right level. In minutes, a poorly lubricated engine can cause serious damage.

My Final Thoughts about New Lawn Mowers Powered by Oil

New lawnmowers are now available with oil. It is (frustratingly). it depends. Where can they buy it? But either way, it’s best to always have spare oil on hand for topping off and oil changes, so I recommend putting a bottle of oil recommended by the manufacturer in your shopping cart. You can quickly fill up your engine’s oil tank if it runs low. A quick test of the dipstick and a can of oil, and you’ll always be able to get out mowing.

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Are New Lawn Mowers Available with Oil?

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