Dianella Caerulea (Blue Flax Lily) Growing Guide

This plant is truly a show-stopper. It produces beautiful foliage, flowers, as well as fruit. It is also practical and simple to use for landscape gardening. 

The strappy, strippy leaves can grow upto 75cm. The tiny, star-shaped blue blooms are borne on sprigs attached to slender panicles. They branch gently. In spring and in summer, they bear decorative orange-yellow flowers. 

This robust, durable plant is extremely durable and hardy. This plant’s dense growth habits makes it a great choice for any garden, large or small. If you’re looking for a highly attractive native fruiting plant that won’t require much hassle, this is the plant for you.

Information on Blue Flax Lily Plant

Botanically labelled Dianella caerulea, this plant’s common names include the Paroo lily and the blue flax-lily. It is a native of Australia’s eastern regions, where it can also be found in Victoria, New South Wales. It is native to Queensland, Tasmania, Tasmania, and Tasmania. 

It is well-adapted to our endemic environments and can grow in most Australian gardens. This is one of approximately 40 species from the Dianella genus.

This perennial herb is part of the Asphodelaceae Family. It is slow-growing in most instances. It can reach approximately 1 metre in height, width and height in gardens. This means it can be used in a variety landscaping projects.

This species will produce fruit in years 1 through 3, depending on the conditions. These fruits will attract butterflies and birds to your yard. 

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Dianella Caerulea (Blue Flax Lily) Growing Guide

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