Delta, BC staff looking at banning gas-powered leaf blowers

A Delta resident recently wrote to the council asking for a bylaw to ban gas-powered lawnmowers and other garden equipment.

Is it possible for the City of Delta to ban gas-powered lawnmowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and other yard maintenance tools?

Recently, a resident wrote to council asking for a ban on such equipment. He claimed that the tool manufacturers have failed to consider public perceptions and have done absolutely nothing to reduce or muffle noise.

The civic staff responded that they are currently conducting research on the topic and how it is being addressed in other communities. Other considerations include the authority and jurisdiction of local government.

“It is noted that Metro Vancouver’s Clean Air Plan includes a number of actions to reduce emissions from non-road equipment. Delta’s Electric Vehicle Strategy addresses small gas powered equipment and references an ‘electric first policy’ where new vehicles and small equipment will be replaced by electric alternatives when feasible. A number of pieces of battery powered equipment have been purchased to date,”The memo to the staff explained.

The West End of Vancouver bans gas-powered leaf mowers for a long time. Vancouver Council approved earlier this summer a motion to ban all gasoline-powered lawn mowers in the city by 2024.

The District of Oak Bay municipal council, Vancouver Island, unanimously voted to phase out gas-powered lawn machinery this year.

They will have three year to phase out the use of gas-powered equipment.

According to the California Air Resources Board, blowing one hour’s worth of leaves with a gas-powered blower produces about as many smog-forming chemicals as driving 1,100 miles in a Toyota Camry.





Delta, BC staff looking at banning gas-powered leaf blowers

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