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Davidson’s Plum Bush Tucker Guide

These fruits are best used to make jams, preserves, and stews. Many love to make delicious jams from the “orray” fruits where classic European plum recipes tend to work great.

For such recipes, it is recommended to double to sugar content due to the plum’s intense acidic nature. The intense colour of the plum flesh makes it a great addition to savoury dishes and can also be used as an ingredient in natural food colourants.

Davidson’s Plum Nutrients

These fruits are full of nutrients. They have 100 times the vitamin C content found in oranges and they have more antioxidants than blueberries which are well-known for their health benefits. Davidson’s plum fruits contain lutein which is important for eye health.

Vitamin E, folate and zinc are all beneficial nutrients. You should use both the flesh and the skin to get the most out of the nutrient-rich fruits.

Preservative Properties

Research is still being done into the fruits’ preservative properties but when tested on kangaroo meat, a product made from Davidson plum was able to extend the shelf life of the meat by 21 days in chilled conditions.

Harvesting Davidson Plums

After the flowering seasons, fruits begin to form in clusters on the trunk and branches of trees. You will know that the fruits are ready to be picked when they turn burgundy from their green color.

The ripe fruits can be harvested by giving the tree a good shake. The fruits can be picked straight from the kitchen and used immediately.

These fruits are great for fruit-based additions in jams, sauces and yoghurts, wines and savoury dishes. For more ideas and exciting uses of these piquant plums, be sure to check out the internet.

Davidson’s Plum Tree – Gardening Daily

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