Growing Guide for Creeping Fig (Ficus Pumila).

Growing CreepingFigs In Australia

This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to grow creeping figs at your home. It covers everything, from planting to harvesting. To get you started, let’s run through some of the basic soil, water, and light requirements of these gorgeous trailing plants.


Best conditions to plant Creeping Fig Outdoors

Creeping fig is a pretty nonchalant plant when it comes to choosing the right place, provided it’s not too dry, or too wet. 99% of Australian gardeners will find a spot for this easy-going tree.


Good soil is well-drained and contains organic compost. It allows for the growth of new creeping plants by providing loose root runs. For Climbing figsTo prevent the soil drying out completely in the summer, you can add moisture retention or rotted animal manure directly to the pot. This will reduce the need to water.

A pH of 6 to 6 would be ideal, but it’s possible to have a higher pH or lower. 


Creeping fig grows best in full sun, but can cope with light shade, provided it’s in a bright, open space. We’ve got ours on a North facing wall, which is baking hot in summer, and its thick leaves seem very well adapted to the baking sun, despite being a forest plant in its native environment.

This plant can still grow well in shade. It will need to be exposed at least six hours a day to UV light, such as from a bright fence or wall.


Creeping figs prefer temperatures over 18°C through winter, but will cope down to about 5°C before they show signs of struggle. They thrive in hot summers when temperatures reach 25°C or higher, but will need plenty of water to maintain their vigour.


Water creepingfigs when their soil is dry. If the soil is not dry, don’t water. Root rot is a serious problem for creeping figures and can be difficult to treat.

This plant should receive water in hanging baskets or pots at least once per week during the summer.

How to plant creeping fruit and figs

Creeping figs are vigorous in their first year. After 3-4 years, they slow down and reach their peak size (2.5m to 4.5m depending on the variety). With that in mind, it’s important to plant them into the well-prepared ground.

Dig out a hole that’s at least twice the size of their pot, and plant them at the same level in the ground as they were in the container, leaving them just slightly proud of the soil so they don’t sit in puddles at first.

Water them generously, at least one can. This will help to settle the soil around their roots for several weeks and give them easy access water while they grow.

Growing Creeping Fig Indoors

Indoor creeping figs can be grown in any soil containing at least 50% soil. Place them in a sunny spot. You should water them at least twice a week or when the soil surface becomes dry.

Indoor hanging baskets are a better option for creeping vines. They can grow naturally without being pruned. However, if you place them against the wall in containers make sure they have support with wireframes and wall hooks.

Hanging baskets can be a great way for creepy plants to grow. We offer a list of hanging pots that can either be made at home, or ordered online.

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Creeping Fig Growing Guide (Ficus Pumila).

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