Create your very own flower wall with Aldi’s Special Buy vertical planter


You can be a guru or a beginner. You can try your hand at gardening. Aldi’s The perfect investment for channel is a planting kit your Creative juices (Getty Images).

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Aldi is the ideal solution to add greenery to your garden Small gardenOr a balcony. It works even when there is no other option. garden You can’t help but feel the need to bring the outside inside.

The latest Special Buy We were attracted by theWonderwall Vertical Planter kitBy the bargain supermarket. It transforms any space into a place of wonder.

You can also bring the Chelsea Flower Show with you Home with it your very personalBack garden-A type of.

The garden can be used to hide eye sores. Your own flower wallOr plant wallThis is something everyone can enjoy. (Aldi).

Why do we rate it?

The Wonderwall Vertical Planter Kit can be used indoors or outdoors.

If you are interested creating a flower or plant wall to make your garden more beautiful Space feeling a little more spacious “oomph” This is the perfect purchase.

This kit allows you to create a large-sized project. Living plant. Walls can be mounted on walls, balconies, fences or balconies or even inside.

It is self-watering, easy to install, and can measure up to 2.3m² in height – if you choose to go all out and build the entire kit.

The kit includes: Each planter comes with 32 pockets, so you can store up to 96 plants.

It also comes with 64 water filters as well as 16 wooden battens, which have been treated to withstand the elements. To fit in a standard toilet, there are 32 rawl plugs. wallTo keep it straight.

The only thing that is missing are the plants.

No matter if you’re a green-fingered expert or just a beginner, there are many things to do. This set is great for gardening.For the first time. A guide to installation for the box. Information on how to use this site is also available.

It is modular, so you can add on to it whenever you wish. Your outdoor plantYou have the option to choose a wall

The best part is it is currently on sale, and has been reduced from £199.99 to £149.99.

The Wonderwall Vertical Planter Kit was purchased by some shoppers as an eye-sore concealer. Others bought it to add greenery and color to their outdoor spaces.

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We love the fact that you can include your whole family in making it.

What do the reviews have to say?

The Wonderwall Vertical Many customers have given positive reviews to the Planter Kit. Here’s what they had to say:

“Fitted to standard south facing fence panel, I already had enough plants, I used over 100. Watering is a bit of a learning curve, but all in all an excellent buy.”

“We purchased this to add some Life to a wall in the garden. Install was easy – and everything clicked nicely into place, lining up perfectly. The kit can be adjusted to fit any wall. We ended adding a second wall with spares. Once installed and all planted it looks amazing.”

“We used this set to hide an ugly wall at the front of our house. It was very ugly because it had different colours of bricks and waste pipes. To ensure that everything was covered, I purchased wood with a double thickness to match the battens. We’re delighted with the result.”

“Relatively simple to put together. I purchased the large kit and was able to divide it into two living walls. Good results – will look great once finished.”

Wonderwall Vertical Planter Kit (Aldi)

Wonderwall Vertical Planter Kit (Aldi).

These are affordable ways to improve your garden

Create your very own flower wall with Aldi’s Special Buy vertical planter

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