Crabapple Tree – Best Varieties to Grow in Australia

Common Crabapple Tree Insects & Diseases

Apple scab

Apple scab can be quite common. It is caused by fungus attacking the fruit and leaves. You’ll notice green or brown spots on the leaves. You can spray fungicides in order to get rid. Learn more about Apple scabs and how to treat them.

Cedar apple rust

This fungal disease may cause red spots on leaves and even attack the fruit. Because of the damaged leaves, the tree will not be able to receive sunlight and the nutrients that it needs.

Tree death can happen in extreme cases. If you are dealing with an infected tree, there is no treatment and you’ll need to prune to limit the infection.

After pruning, disinfect your tools. You can also use afungicide to control the infection. 

Fire blight

Fire blight is another one of those diseases that can’t be cured and you’ll need to try and limit the infection once again. The disease can also cause dieback in trees and kill flowers.

You’ll see that the new shoots and leaves actually wilt and bend towards the ground – they start to look a bit like a hook. It makes the tree look like it’s battled a fire, hence the name. 

A tree infected must be removed. The good news? The fire-blight bacteria is easily replanted.

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is a common fungus and you’ll be able to spot it quite easily. It makes white powder like spots on the leaves but sometimes you’ll also see it on the stems or flowers.

These spots can quickly spread and cover most of the leaves. This fungus is attracted to dry and warm places, but also high humidity. If your tree doesn’t get enough sunlight and air circulation it’s the perfect breeding ground for powdery mildew. 

The fungus won’t kill your tree but it can damage it and limit its water and nutrient intake. In some cases you’ll notice that the leaves become yellow or start to wither. You might notice a slower growth rate and fewer flowers.

To treat your problem, you can use organic fungicides. Any product that contains sulphur, neem oil, and potassium bicarbonate will work. This should be done as soon as you feel the symptoms.

Neem oil is a great defense against many diseases. The oil stimulates immunity to fight off fungal, viral, and bacterial infections.

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Crabapple Tree – Best Varieties to Grow in Australia

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