Changes ‘in store’ for Fallbrook Ace Hardware

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Kevin Coleman, Fallbrook Ace Hardware Manager, and Tresa Yoda, Assistant Manager, celebrate the store’s changes to make room for new products.

FALLBROOK – Residents may have seen extensive construction and ongoing projects occurring at Fallbrook Ace Hardware over the past year and now the interior is the focus. The store has been able to accommodate thousands more products and a new layout during August and September.

Fallbrook Ace Hardware will expand its product line outside and make space inside.

The new products will now be available in all departments. They will be geared towards Fallbrook customers including the Fallbrook Speed Shop, a large fastener destination.

The remodel will not affect parking or service, and product will still remain available throughout. Customers can ask any member of staff for assistance if they have difficulty finding the item they are looking for. “used”To be found.

This will be a significant improvement in the store and the community. The staff hopes everyone will drop by to witness the progress.

For more information, visit 640 S. Main Ave.

Fallbrook Ace Hardware.

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Changes ‘in store’ for Fallbrook Ace Hardware

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