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Food is the only thing that can bring back memories or the nostalgic feeling of nostalgia.

Canning is a great way for you to express your feelings.

Canning is more than a hobby. You can make everything you want, from pickled asparagus and preserves and jams to soups and homemade condiments. It’s a tradition.

Many Illinois crops harvest their annual harvest in the late Summer or early Fall. This is the best time to harvest this produce for many uses throughout the year.

If you’re new to canning, it may seem challenging. It’s easy to get started with the right products. Ace Hardware of Dixon stocks the best products for canning. These products were designed to help you get started, or continue a family tradition.

Here are some tips to help you get going.


Water bath canners – Used mostly for acidic vegetables and semi-liquids like pickles, tomatoes, or jams and jellies.

Pressure canners – Multipurpose canners used for just about everything, but are great for asparagus, green beans, corn and even soup.

The right jars will make your life easier

Jars come in many sizes, so make sure you select the ones you need based on the portions you’re wanting to create.

  • Canisters of half-gallon size are great for preserved juice or dried goods.
  • Quarts are great for fruit, tomato sauces salsas, soups, or other liquid products.
  • Half-pints are great for making jams, jelly, or individual servings of soup or salsa.
  • Quarter-pints can also be used to make condiments such as mustard and ketchup.

Two Important Accessories

You’ll also want to make sure to grab two other very important tools when you pick up your canners and jars. These tools, although not required, will make canning and/or jarring faster and prevent any mess from your kitchen.

  • To prevent liquid spillages, use funnels
  • Jar lifters were designed to lift hot jars out of the canner.

Our website contains more information about canning as well as the right products that you need to make delicious projects. WebsiteCall us at 815-288-7841

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Canning Projects Made Easy at Ace Hardware – Shaw Local

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