Can you jump start a lawnmower with a car? (+ How)

Sometimes you might find yourself with a dead lawnmower powered by gasoline and a flat-battery. In this scenario, jump starting from your car’s battery could be your solution to get back to mowing right away. You may be wondering if jumping start from your car’s battery is the right thing to try or if it could prove costly. Depending on your mower, jump starting it from the car’s battery could be right or wrong. So, let’s take a closer look at whether your mower is suitable for a jump start or not.

Can you jump start a lawnmower using a car? (The Short Answer)

A 12v cranking engine battery can be used to jump-start your gas powered lawnmower. However, if your gas powered mower uses a 6v cranking battery, you can’t use the car to jump start. You can damage the electrical system by connecting 12v to a 6-volt system. This could result in a dangerous situation for the battery.

Is it safe to jump start a lawnmower from a car?

If done correctly, jump-starting a lawn mower’s 12v cranking battery is safe. Jump-starting a lawn mower can be dangerous if the incorrect (6v) battery is charged or if the jump-starting technique is not used correctly.

Different gas-powered lawnmowers use different types of batteries. A walk-behind mower would normally require a 6v power source for its cranking engine. Walk-behinds shouldn’t be powered by a 12v car batteries.

Sometimes, larger mowers such as tractor mowers have 12v batteries. These larger mowers can be started by connecting the appropriate terminals. However, it is always extremely important to check your lawn mower’s battery voltage since every mower is different, and there isn’t any particular rule for which mower uses what battery. So, always check first.

How to jumpstart a lawnmower by using your car

After you confirm that your lawnmower has a 12v cranking motor, it is possible to jump-start the mower with your car. So, here are the steps and equipment you’ll need to safely and effectively get your engine running. Let’s take a look.

Safety precautions

These safety precautions should always be taken before trying to jump-start a lawnmower.

Personal Protection

Safety glasses and gloves are recommended for lawnmowers that you jump-start. Batteries can explode and contain acid. You should be extra careful.

Don’t Lean Over Batteries

Gases can be both explosive and toxic if inhaled. Don’t lean over the battery while you jump start your lawnmower.

No naked flames

Jumping can cause gasses to ignite and make it flammable. You should make sure there are no naked flames when you jump.

Make sure your car is switched off

Make sure that the car’s battery is off when you connect to it. If the car is switched on, there is the potential risk that the car’s electrical system can get damaged.

Steps to Jump Start Your Lawn Mower Using a Car

Now that you know you can jump start a riding lawn mower with a car or other lawn mowers with a 12v cranking battery, let’s go over the steps you should follow and what you will need.

Tools and equipment required to jump start a lawn mower with a car

  • Car with 12v battery
  • Jumper Cable

Position the Car & Mower

First, position your car so that it can reach the jumper cable. The cables shouldn’t be stretched or pulled too tight. They may crack if they become too stretched.

Set the Lawn Mower in Start status

Next, set your lawnmower to its default setting. Next, disconnect the blades. Finally, turn the brake to ON. Before you connect the blades, make sure the ignition switch is turned off. If you are unsure about the starting status, then it would be safest to review your lawn mower’s manual.

Turn off the car

As I said, make sure your car is turned off. This will prevent any costly damage to the car’s electrical system.

Get access to Batteries

Next, lift the car’s hood to secure it. Then gain access to the lawn mower’s battery. The battery on the lawn mower is usually under the seat or under the lawn mower’s hood.

Jumper Cables Organized

Before you make any connections, arrange the cables so they are not touching. I like to lay the jumper cables out on the floor, separate the clamps first, and ensure there aren’t any knots in the cable.

Connect the cables

To avoid damaging the electrical system and to reduce sparking (arcing), cables must be connected in a certain way. Here’s how to connect the jumper cable.

  1. Positive Connection to Car Battery
  2. Positive Connection for Mower Battery
  3. Negative Car Battery Association
  4. Negative Link to Mower Body

The mower’s negative connection should be made directly on the lawn mower’s body on any metal surface where the clamp will make good contact. This protects the sparks (arcs), from potential dangers such as the gas tank.

Start the Lawn Mower

Once all connections are made, your engine can be started. Follow the instructions to start the engine. If you find the starter motor still struggling, allow a few minutes to pass so that some charge can make its way into the lawn mower’s battery. This should take just a few minutes.

Disconnect the Cables

Next, take out the jumper cables connecting the lawn mower to your car. To avoid any damage to the lawnmower and the car, it is important that you follow a certain order. Also, make sure you don’t touch the metal parts on either vehicle by removing the jumper cable. Here is the order you’ll need to follow to disconnect the jumper cables.

  1. Negative Connection to Mower Body
  2. Negative Car Battery Association
  3. Positive Connection for Mower Battery
  4. Positive Connection to Car Battery

Charge the Battery

After the mower has been turned on, the alternator will charge it. You will find that the mower will add enough power after a while to restart the mower, but it’s not going to be enough to rely on for the next time you want to mow your lawn. It is important that you charge your battery as soon as possible.

Alternatives to jump start your mower without using your car

If you happen to have a 6v cranking battery or don’t have a car to use, then there are other options you can try.

Jumper Pack

Jumper packs, which are similar to car batteries, allow you to jump-start lawn mowers. You can charge jumper packs using the main power and then connect them to the mower’s battery.

Battery Charger

A battery charger won’t get you going fast, but it will get your battery back to fully charged. There are many types of chargers that can be used with a variety battery voltages, including 6v and 12. If you have a cranking battery on your lawn mower, then it’s a great idea to have a charger on hand.

Trickle Charger/Battery Tender

In that they keep the battery fully charged even when it’s not being used, battery tenders work in a different way to chargers. The tender will continuously monitor the battery voltage and make sure it’s kept fully charged, helping you avoid dealing with a dead battery again.

Can you jump start a lawnmower with a car? (+ How)

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