Can St Augustine Grass Grown From Seed? (+ Should It)

Grass seeds is not a new idea. It is something that most of us have tried at least once. Grass seeding is the most cost-effective and efficient way to create a new lawn. You might be wondering where all that St. Augustine seed went. Well, I’ve looked up and down the shelves in various stores and discovered where they are, or should I say, where they are not. Let me explain.

Can St Augustine Grass Grown From Seed? (The Short Answer)

The St. Augustine turfgrass, Stenotaphrum Secundatum can be propagated either vegetatively or seed. The seeds of St. Augustine flowering spread naturally, germinate, and then produce new plants. You can also make seedlings from St. Augustine plants by propagating them. They will continue to grow throughout the course of their lives.

Are You able to start St. Augustine Grass at Home from Seed?

Well, before you head to the shops looking for a bag of St. Augustine seeds, there’s some more information you will want to know. A large number of the seeds are sterile. Producers cannot rely on St. Augustine seed for their production. St. Augustine’s seeds are not typically harvested for the purpose growing lawns.

So, even if you could get yourself a bag of St. Augustine grass seeds, a high percentage of them won’t germinate, and you would end up with just a few successful shoots. Not the kind of lawn I’m guessing you are looking for.

Can St. Augustine grass grown from seeds? You probably already know the answer. Technically, yes. However, you won’t be able to grow a lawn due to the high amount of sterile seed.

Alternatives to Seeding the St. Augustine Grass

So, is it possible to actually seed St. Augustine grass grass grass. It would appear that no. There are other options available to grow a St. Augustine lawn, besides seeds. Plugs and sod are the best options. But wait! What is sod? And what are the plugs for? Let’s take a closer look.

St Augustine Grass – Sod

Sod is a piece or section of grass that includes the roots and top of the plant. It also includes a few inches of soil. If you have ever laid floor tiles, you’ll probably be able to lay sod. The rectangular shapes of grass sod are usually 1 foot x 2.

A new St. Augustine grass can also be created by properly preparing the ground and laying the sod in a tight, uniform manner. Finally, water it well.

St Augustine Grass – Plugs

The basic shape of plugs is the same as that of sod, but they’re much smaller. The average plug covers only a few inches. You can plant plugs by spacing them out and allowing them grow into one another.

Should You Choose St. Augustine Sod Or Plugs?

As you no longer have the option for seeds, you must choose between St. Augustine plugs or V Sod. There are many options so it is important you choose the one that best suits you. Here are some of these benefits.

St. Augustine Sod Benefits

  • Even Placement
  • Instant Lawn
  • Turf suffers less damage

St. Augustine Plug Benefits

  • Less Expensive
  • It’s easier to install
  • It’s easier to isolate problems

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Can St Augustine Grass Grown From Seed? (+ Should It)

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