Blue Quandong | Bush Tucker Growing & Care Guide

Take care of your pet Blue Marble Tree

Once established, the tree can withstand light snowfost and dryness. It will thrive when it is protected in winter, and well-watered during summer.

Due to the tree’s natural tolerance to our endemic conditions, care is often quite easy and minimal but certainly appreciated in cultivation. 

Watering Blue Quandong

This tree species is best suited in high rainfall areas. However it can withstand upto 90 days without rain or supplemental irrigation. Water well within the first few years to maintain soil moisture.

This could mean that you will need to water deeply every 10-30 day, depending on how heavy the rainfall is and how hot it has been. 

Fertilising Needs

While balanced garden fertilizer can be used to feed your tree when it is young, it is not recommended. If your tree is established with slow release native fertilizer, you can feed it every year until it reaches maturity for increased fruit and blooms.

For more information, please visit our Yates Fertilizer Buyers Guide for 2022. 

How to prune blue Quandong

Usually, with rainforest trees, pruning is always a necessity and it’s no different with this species. Pruning young trees will encourage dense, compact growth by removing the tips of any foliage that is actively growing from the top and sides approximately twice per calendar year. 

Once the tree is fully grown and has begun to produce fruit and flowers, you will be able to trim it in spring or summer as needed. 

Mulching for Optimal Moisture

For these trees to thrive, they need a warm and humid environment. Mulching, especially if your tree is young, can help to ensure that it has enough moisture.

Mulch the tree biannually to once a year in summer. Add a layer of organic mulch to the base. 

Learn about the best mulches to use in your garden and how they can be used.

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Blue Quandong | Bush Tucker Growing & Care Guide

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