Black + Decker’s leaf blower ‘cuts yard work time in half’ — and it’s on sale for $53

Watching the leaves change colors is one of the best parts of fall — that is until they all start falling in your yard. Amazon shoppers might have the solution for you if your weekends are spent removing leaves from lawns. Enter the Black+Decker 3-in-1 Electric Leafblower/Vacuum and Mulcher — on sale for just $53 right now.

Raking is a hard enough task on its own, but then having to bag up the leaves is often the most time-consuming and back-breaking part of yardwork — until now. This multitasking device “Leaf picking made easy“, as you can use a blower attachment and function in order to easily move all the leaves or debris in your yard into a compact pile. The bag can also be equipped with a vacuum attachment. It will take all your items and send them through an impeller fan. The result? You can have a neat lawn and patio without having to pick up any leaves.

The outdoor appliance is lightweight at seven pounds and can be used at two speeds. In case you feel tired, the shoulder strap can be used. Its power cord measures approximately eight feet in length. It can be attached to an extended cord by some customers to allow you to move around your yard.

This leaf blower/vacuum is a must-have for autumn. (Photo: Amazon)

“This thing really sucks! (in a good way),” One customer raved about it. “This thing works like a champ. I use it to “rake” the backyard and clean the driveway after cutting the grass. The blower has two speeds which are nice, the high speed actually seems quieter, but maybe it’s just my sensitivity to the particular sound. The blower is powerful enough for yard work, it’s not a commercial machine. The mulcher’s power is impressive. I use it to suck up the leaves when they’re piled up. It can easily absorb leaves, small sticks, and mulch. This thing is such a time saver, my yard has never looked so good.”

“I have used it three times already and I have had no problems. It has reduced my yard work time by half. Very easy to put together and use,” Another one.

A third was also stated, “As a senior citizen, I look for products that make tending my small garden easier. This leaf vacuum cleans the leaves and provides leaf mulch to my acid-loving plants. The price is right, too.”

The 3-in-1 device would normally set you back $64, but you can snag one for just $53 right now — just in time for autumn. Get one now at a discounted price!

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Black + Decker’s leaf blower ‘cuts yard work time in half’ — and it’s on sale for $53

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