Best Outdoor Kitchen Designs, Tips and Installers in Australia


A BBQ on your deck doesn’t mean you have to reduce floor space. Install the counter and grill directly onto the railing.

2. Construct a Pub Shed

You can create a bar environment by setting up a pub shed. You can cook while you chat with others and have a few drinks.

3. Rolling Outdoor Island

Rolling Outdoor Island

Source:  Pneumatic Addict

You can also designate a place for a barbecue station, and then put it on wheels. This allows you the freedom to move it around.

4. Make an outdoor dining room

Create an Outdoor Dining Room


There are no restrictions on the number of dining areas you can have. You can have a place to relax, eat, entertain, or even entertain outside. You can include everything you need, including a table and chairs, a grill or pizza oven, fridge, etc.

5. A Grill and Dining Table in One

Why should you have to cook everyone’s food when you do not even know how they like it prepared? Make the picnic table interactive. You can let your guests make the food according to their preferences.

6. Roof your BBQ area

A shed can protect your barbecue. The cover will protect your grill against the elements and the sides can offer privacy.

7. Inground BBQ Pit

Are you looking for concrete borders and bricks? This tutorial will teach you how to build an inground BBQ. Once it is done, you can use it as a barbecue or firepit.

8. Cinder Block Pit Smoker 

Cinder Block Pit Smoker

Source: The Owner Builder Network

You don’t have to stop at a regular BBQ stand when you can make your own pit smoker from cinder blocks. 48 cinderblocks are all you need, as well as 2 1219mm.  x 1219mm 16-gauge steel plates, a 609mmx1219mm gauge steel plate, and a 1219mmx2032mm expanded metal. Optional mortar is also required.

9. Make an outdoor kitchen 

Outdoor kitchens are great for outdoor entertaining and barbecue ideas. Outdoor kitchens allow you to have everything at your disposal. There’s no need to run all over the house trying to find what you are looking for.

10. Add a Pergola

Pergolas are a great way to add shade and design to your backyard. Pergolas can enhance the aesthetics of your backyard. There are many options that will match your home’s style.

11. Stone BBQ Island

This DIY tutorial will teach you how to make a beautiful BBQ island. You can customize the metal frame to fit any size barbecue. This setup will make all your friends jealous.

12. Red Brick Outdoor Kitchen

You can make an outdoor grill with regular red bricks. This is a durable and inexpensive build that will last for many years. The curved opening is not difficult to make, even though it might seem intimidating.

13. DIY Kamado BBQ grill

Kamado BBQ Grills may be made from everyday Terracotta flowerpots. Kamado grills are very popular but can be quite costly. If you enjoy working with your hands, you can make one for a fraction the price.

14. Add a Pizza Oven

Are you unhappy with where your BBQ grill is located? Dry stacked blocks can be used to make a grilling space. This tutorial will walk you through how to build a mortarless, dry-stacked outdoor kitchen.

16. Backyard BBQ Pit

Backyard BBQ Pit


Cast a cement stove. It is easy to do. It takes only one large and three small plastic containers.

20. Shed for an Outdoor Cooking Pavilion

Hideaway Kitchen

Source: Source: Reno Guide

You can hide your barbecue from the elements if you don’t want it to be exposed. This allows you access to your barbecue only when you are using it.

23. DIY flowerpot smoker

A DIY smoker can transform your backyard into the perfect getaway. This simple design can be reused over and over again.

You only need 2 clay flower planters, 4 wine Corks and interlocking Bricks.

24. BBQ Shack

BBQ Shack


Are you looking to find unique outdoor BBQ ideas and delicious recipes? Build a BBQ bar. You can make your shack as big as you like. You can turn it into an outdoor bar and mancave.

The roof will protect your grilling equipment. The walls will give you privacy and allow you to hang your utensils.

25. A Smokehouse

Do you want to learn to smoke meat like a professional? This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a professional-quality smokehouse.

26. Create a Wok Station

Sometimes small brick fireplaces can be too small. If you have lots of space, you might consider adding large outdoor barbecue ideas like this wood-fired barbecue. Your masterpiece of a barbecue will be envied by your neighbors.

28. Tiki Bar and Grill

Repurpose Pallets


Outdoor BBQ ideas don’t need to be expensive. Old pallets can be repurposed into an outdoor kitchen.

30 County Patio

County Patio


Flattop steel grills can be used to grill meat, fish, and vegetables together. The steel grill is stylish and durable. This grill will be your favorite place to barbecue, and it will also be a focal point of your backyard or patio.

32. Cement Grill Zone

Concrete poured concrete can be a great way of creating a beautiful outdoor space. Concrete is easy to clean and can even be left exposed.

33. Amazing BBQ + Smokehouse

A smoker house can be built with a built in barbecue. This video tutorial will show you how to build this amazing feature using bricks.

34. Brick BBQ Grill

Are you looking to make small outdoor barbecues? You can easily make a small brick barbecue in a weekend. The barbecue grill will last longer than the ones you buy in the store.

35. Grilling Table

You can have your outdoor kitchen equipped with a curved granite countertop so you can serve your friends. Guests can interact with the countertop while you prepare the food. You can even turn the area into a bar.

37. DIY Pizza Oven

This DIY video tutorial shows you how to make a pizza oven for your outdoor BBQ. Your house will be the place everyone wants to eat. They will be so impressed they will start looking for outdoor barbecue ideas to cook at their own homes.

38. Modern and elegant BBQ area

Modern and elegant homes can create a beautiful barbecue area. Your home can be decorated with modern furniture or artist designs to make it a welcoming space for your guests.  

39. Balcony BBQ Grill

You don’t have to live in an apartment to enjoy a great barbecue. You have many outdoor grilling options, including small barbecue grills.

40. Use a simple fire pit

A fire pit is an excellent option for outdoor barbecue ideas. There are many fire pits. Many fire pits come with grill attachments. If yours doesn’t, you can make your own grill using a large grate. 

41. Hang Your Pots

A pot hanger is a great addition to your firepit. You can use your Dutch ovens to make sides, desserts and grilled meats.

42. Hanging BBQ Grill

This hanging grill is ideal for large parties and grilling. You can also make a smaller version for your home. 

Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas, Designs and Kitchen Installers Australia

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