Best Makita Lawn Mower Reviews – Updated for 2022

We are all familiar with garden mowers. We’ve already published an article on the best garden mowers and another on the best electrical garden mowers. We’ve spent numerous hours chopping with them and testing them on our property. So what for those who’ve already selected Makita as your producer of alternative? You still have more than a dozen options! We surveyed our best Makita garden mower opinions to find out which models are most useful for you. We’ve reviewed almost each mannequin and have the testing, knowledge, runtime, and extra that can assist you make an knowledgeable choice.

Greatest Makita Garden Mower Assessment Total

Makita XML08 21″ Self-Propelled Garden Mower Assessment

If you need the perfect Makita garden mower overview we did all yr, we’ve got to suggest the XML08 we first reviewed in 2021. This mannequin gives you the product without being too extravagant. In reality, we’ve seen the mower and batteries on sale for $699. You can buy the mower by itself and add your own batteries. The Makita garden mower is perfect for professionals or anyone who has a 1-acre or less lot.

We tested the summer by setting the deck at 3 inches and loading up 4 6.0Ah batteries. We didn’t precisely take it simple—chopping Bermuda, Bahia, and St. Augustine. About 1/3 of our chopping space had been pre-cut to 5 inches. The opposite 1/3 hadn’t been lower in any respect in two weeks. Our runtime total was 47 minutes. On a daily upkeep lower, we’d have simply lower for greater than an hour.

The cost of industrial self-propelled mowers is more than $1000 Sticking with battery opponents, Stihl’s self-propelled mannequin with the same battery loadout is $879. While it might seem expensive compared to residential mowers you get a lot more when it comes time to build high quality and cut energy. Makita XML08 self propelling garden mower is a good choice when you don’t have the time or desire to use a fuel mower.

Other than maybe making the battery change computerized, there’s not a lot to complain about with this mower. The XML09 is an aluminum deck with a lot more weight. This is in exchange for better climate resistance and the next level of value.

Our Favourite Makita Garden Mower for Professionals

Makita XML09 21″ Self-Propelled Garden Mower

The XML08 has been voted the best Makita lawnmower that we have ever reviewed. The XML09, which is almost identical to the XML08, has an all-aluminum deck, making it weather-proof. It does add some weight, however nothing you wouldn’t get from a business fuel mannequin. Of our Makita garden mower opinions, the XML09 actually stands aside (it’s additionally the most costly mannequin Makita makes).

The XML08 provides the same energy and runtime, but it eliminates the plastic at the deck’s entry. The aluminum deck (not metal) extends all the way to the entrance with a metallic guard. This prevents injury from stones borders and obstructions.

Makita XML09PT1 lawn mower pros

The Makita Makita MXML09PT1 garden mower will cost you about $999, including a set of four 5.0Ah batteries.

Greatest Makita 36V Push Garden Mower for Owners

Makita XML11 21″ 36V (X2) Self-propelled Push Mower

When you don’t require a self-propelled mechanism, the Makita XML11 presents an excellent entry-level choice for owners who nonetheless have a reasonably-sized property (as much as 1/2-acre). The Makita XML11CT1 mower package comes with 4 5Ah battery packs and costs around $499. It also includes a rear bag as well as a dual-port charger.

Best Makita 36V Push Lawn Mower for Homeowners XML11CT1

Makita claims that these batteries will last for around 40 minutes. The self-propelled mechanism can move at a variable speed between 1.5 and 3 MPH. Single-lever top adjustment enables you to set the blade to chop between 1-1/4″ and 4″. The deal folds down for easy storage. The mower’s $499 price tag makes it a top-of-the line value within the 21-inch self propelled range.

Greatest Makita 18V X2 Garden Mower for Really Small Yards

Makita XML03 18″ Push Mower

It could be that you are looking for a self-propelled lawnmower at a price lower than the Makita models. The Makita XML03 garden mower is a great compromise. The package includes 4 4.0Ah batteries as well as a twin charger. This push mower costs only $399. That’s an insanely low value for a fully-electric battery-powered mower.

XML03 18-inch push mower

The Makita XML03 may sound less than our Makita garden mower opinions. It lacks a self-propelled motor, and also you “only” get an 18-inch vast deck. It can still lower 1/3-acres in as little as 43 minutes. The metal deck additionally offers commercial-level high quality—letting it work simply as effectively for a extra maneuverable answer for landscapers.

With a folding deal with for straightforward storage and a single-lever lower top adjustment (13/16″ – 3″), you’ve got the whole lot you want for a smaller yard or super-maneuverable business mowing tool.

The Best Electric Push Garden Mower (Not Self Propelled)

Makita XML07 Push Garden Mower

The Makita XML07, which is identical to the XML08 we mentioned above, has a self-propelled motor. Makita made significant improvements to this mannequin compared to earlier versions to make it ready for business use.

XML07 push mower with steel deck

The same metal deck that landscapers love is yours. Like different Makita lawnmowers, the XML07 makes use of two 18V batteries to run (it’s a 36V mower) and has room for 4 packs so that you don’t have to return to the trailer or storage as usually.

Makita also set up a Quiet Mode to protect its brushless motor. Once you’re attempting to preserve runtime or preserve the noise degree down in lighter chopping circumstances, it retains the blade at a decrease—and quieter—RPM. This commercial-level push mower is available for $699 and comes with 4 5.0Ah battery packs and a dual-port charger.

How We Make Our Best Makita Garden Mower Picks

Deck Dimensions and Materials

When doing Makita garden mower opinions we’ve got to grasp the deck dimension and materials. Professionals sometimes require metal decks. Makita even has a mannequin that has an aluminum deck to help save weight. Professionals often need a deck that is 21 inches wide for cutting grass. However, most people insist on a 21-inch deck. Professionals may want a solution that can reach tighter areas than the zero flip or standon. For this purpose, 17-inch or 18-inch fashions are ideal.


It is only a small part of the equation how long a battery-powered lawnmower can last. The perfect info is how a lot space you’ll be able to lower on a cost. Makita mowers are recommended with a watch to how much chopping they can perform on a set.


The deck materials are the most important component of the construct high quality. However, professionals and shoppers also need to consider other items that can be used for extended periods of time. We’re on the lookout for stable elements that may final effectively past the guarantee interval, a inflexible building, and safety for {the electrical} elements and batteries.

Different Options

Along with any standout options, right here’s an inventory of the usual objects we search for:

  • Drive for performance and kind
  • Peak adjustment and variation
  • Positions to be dealt with
  • Discharge choices
  • Worth

    Our specialists believe that value is more than just value. It’s about what you get for what you pay. An costly mannequin might very effectively be the perfect battery mower worth if it’s performing far sufficient forward of the funds manufacturers to justify it.

    Greatest Makita Garden Mowers Shopping for Information

    As you’re deciding on the perfect Makita battery-powered garden mower for you in 2022, there’s rather a lot to contemplate. These electric mowers have advanced a lot since the days when we first used battery energy.

    What’s Your Price range?

    While you can get a Makita lawnmower for less than $500, expect to spend at least $700 on a business package that includes 4 batteries and more than $800 on the best fashions.

    It may cause a bit of a fight. If you take a look at the fuel engine you will get for a comparable value on a mower, you will see that it offers more options and energy. It gained’t have the noise, emission, and upkeep advantages, although.

    High quality Residential or Industrial

    With many producers, you don’t see a ton of variations between business and residential walk-behind battery garden mowers. Makita is a major manufacturer of garden mowers for businesses.

    Makita’s expert battery-powered electric mowers have a well-recognized design that matches what professionals are looking for. Makita has a wide vendor network that they can leverage as they work to develop their battery-powered out of door energy gear.

    Push Drive vs. Self-Propelled

    Contemplating a self-propelled drive doesn’t have an enormous impact in your runtime, it’s a function you need to get if it’s in your funds. Before you bring it home, make sure to search for variable velocity management. You’ll be able to normally inform in only a few minutes if it’s snug and pure on your palms.

    Look for a mower that allows you to disengage the drive without having to pull it again. Some methods make it difficult to let go, and you may be forced to pull the mower wheels instead of allowing them to roll.

    Let’s not utterly rule out the basic push mower fashion, although. Once you’re on a funds, you’ll be able to simply save $100 or extra with out dropping chopping efficiency for those who’re prepared to hold extra of the workload.

    If that’s the route you’re heading, search for a poly deck to assist cut back weight and wheels with low rolling resistance to make your job somewhat simpler.

    Self-Propel Drive Adjustment

    Our testing staff prefers a variable speed management independent of the presence bar. The Makita XML03 additionally features a “Whisper Mode”. This tells Makita XML03 to run at 2500 RPM in order to keep the noise down, and your battery efficiency up.

    The Makita XML11 has an easy-to use velocity management on the left that allows you to set the velocity between extremes.

    Metal vs. Aluminum vs. Poly Deck

    Within the gas-powered world, there are actually no poly decks—most are both metal or aluminum. The cordless garden mower world has poly decks in every route.

    Metal is extra sturdy, but it surely’s most unlikely you’re going to put on by a poly deck over the lifetime of your battery-powered garden mower. Poly also has a benefit in design. It’s a lot simpler to make refined adjustments within the form that optimizes airflow for higher raise, mulching, and bagging than a metal deck.

    Metal is more sturdy than aluminum, but aluminum is lighter and resists corrosion. When you’ve got loads of small rocks you kick up while you’re mowing or maybe your 15-year-old doesn’t pay fairly as a lot consideration as you’d like, then a metal or aluminum deck can prolong your mower’s life!

    Bag, Mulch, or Facet Discharge?

    You probably already know whether you prefer mulching or bagging. We mulch in central Florida to provide vitamins for the garden. We also avoid stopping every ten minutes to empty the bag.

    However, sometimes you have to go on a trip, or the climate makes it impossible to mow your lawn. That’s when aspect (or rear) discharge turns into useful.

    It can be used to kick the grass out of the deck, instead of keeping it up for finer mulching. You might bag it, after all, however you’d spend loads of time emptying. Aspect discharging can help you keep your grass in check and prevent it from getting too long.

    Makita mowers can offer you all three options. That means, you’ll be able to preserve that aspect discharge chute someplace useful simply in case you want it.

    Deck and Blade Dimension

    Most of the top-quality electric garden mowers have 20 or 21, inch deck sizes with barely smaller blades. Makita is one model that lists the blade diameter rather than the deck size.

    Makita also has smaller styles that are suitable for areas with smaller lawns and less landscaping work.

    Larger deck sizes are best for lawns greater than 1/4-acre because they provide additional savings and time. A 17-inch deck will work well for lawns of 1/4-acre and less. These smaller decks can also be used to take care of small areas that are difficult to reach with a mower.

    Peak Adjustment and Vary

    This one is entirely about what you want. We found that most people set their tops as soon as they can. Make sure you have the right chopping top.

    Most electric garden mowers have the maximum range you need to cut all types of grass. When you favor to chop at heights over 3-1/2 inches or underneath 2 inches, simply double examine that the mower you’re taking a look at covers it.

    Numerous Battery Ports

    When you’ve got a garden that’s greater than 1/3 of an acre, there’s probability you’ll be able to profit from a number of battery ports. There are three options: a second storage port; a second energy port with a handbook switch; and a third energetic port with computerized switching.

    Automated switching is the most convenient and usually comes with higher-priced mowers. Handbook switching and easy storage are a little more difficult than going back to the storage or trailer to get an additional battery. With 4 battery ports onboard, Makita a minimum of ensures you’ve got loads of runtime obtainable on their 18V X2 (36V) mowers.

    Why purchase an electrical garden mower?

    You need a Makita electric garden mower to make your garden look better and save money. Irrespective of which mannequin that’s, all of them share some frequent traits. There aren’t any fuel emissions and no fuel engine to take care of. You continue to want to scrub it off while you’re finished, however the upkeep is way simpler and takes much less time.

    Makita garden mowers are also significantly quieter than fuel mowers. The early hens will be the ones to start mowing, and neighbors may be able to sleep by your Makita garden mower if you want to start mowing at 7:00 Saturday morning. Are you an evening owl? Whereas many battery-powered mowers have headlights, Makita’s don’t—so no night time mowing for you!

    We love the simplicity of a Makita electric garden mower. There’s no cranking, no choke, and no gasoline cut-off valve. So long as you’ve got sufficient batteries to get your entire garden lower, it’s a better system to work with than fuel.

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    Best Makita Lawn Mower Reviews – Updated for 2022

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