Top 5 Yard Cleaners Recommended by Expert Websites: Best Leaf Blowers of 2022

Ah, the scent of AutumnThere is a scent in the air. Fires in the fireplace, an eerie fog lingering, and crispy, crunchy leaves… everywhere. While it’s no wonder that Autumn is America’s favorite seasonSometimes, a clean-up is necessary especially if your yard is surrounded with rapidly changing vegetation. You can quickly and efficiently clean up your yard using a leaf blower.

While leaf blowers have a bad reputation for being hefty, noisy machines – it’s not always the case anymore with a market full of affordable, quality finds. Although leaf blowing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “relaxation”, getting outdoorsGarden tending can bring peace of mind. It’s a great excuse to get outside, surround yourself in nature, and bask in that sense of accomplishment once your work is done.

Research shows that yard work can actually benefit brain health! That’s right, a recent study by Canadian Scientists demonstrateBlowing leaves, for instance, can provide an aerobic-like benefit that can help prevent cognitive impairment. Similarly, a 2018 surveyIt is clear that people who enjoy cleaning up after themselves are happier.

Most importantly, a quality leaf-blower can help you maintain your yard’s beauty and save you the hassle of using inferior equipment. StudyFinds surveyed ten of the most trusted expert websites to determine which leaf-blowers were the best. This list is ranked based on which leaf blowers are most often recommended by these websites. 

The Experts List: The Top Leaf Blowers

1. Toro PowerJet F700

Who says quality must come at a high cost? The Toro Powerjet F700 is an expert pick if you’re looking for a leaf blower that is affordable, lightweight, and effective.

“Despite the ultra-low price tag, the Toro 51624 PowerJet F700 Handheld Leaf Blower has a super-powered motor and durable construction. It performs just as well as the higher-end models,” Insider writes.

The Toro PowerJet is cordless, but has a hook that locks your extension cord.

“Toro’s PowerJet F700 is great for tackling wet yard gunk, like damp leaves, water-logged pine needles and the muck that tends to accumulate After a heavy rainstorm. This device delivers up to 140 miles per hour of power—very impressive—and it also features a special jet fan design that helps you really get into whatever mess you’re interested in obliterating,” Forbes writes.

2. Worx Turbine

The Worx Turbine cordless leaf blower has been highly rated for its lightweight nature, power, and long battery life.

“This cordless leaf blower doesn’t come with bells-and-whistles, but is a good reliable option, especially if you already have WORX PowerShare tools in your shed. It features just two speeds and has a decent run time of up to 20 minutes if used on the lower setting, with a nifty one hour charge time,” Gardeners World writes.

The Worx Turbine also features an adjustable speed control and low noise levels. 

“It cleared the patch of grass from dry leaves in 12.9 seconds, which was the fastest clocked time among all the other models on this list for that specific test. It cleared the patch of grass from damp leaves in a slightly faster 12.7 seconds,” The Spruce writes.

3. Ryobi Whisper

The Ryobi Whisper is powerful and quiet, fast-charging and a top choice if you are sensitive to noise. Judging neighbors.

“The cruise control setting is helpful when you’re in the zone, methodically clearing leaves from the middle of the yard,” Good Housekeeping writes. “As with many Ryobi tools, a second battery is included, along with a rapid charger that our tests confirmed needs just 40 minutes for a full charge.”

The cordless leaf blower is equipped with a removable tube that makes it easy to store.

“If you’re after a garden heavyweight, then this is definitely the tool for you as its impressive air speed means that nothing will stay stuck to your lawn for long once the Ryobi has its way. It is helped by a quick access turbo button if you need to call on maximum power to break up particularly stubborn piles,” The Independent writes.

4. Stihl Leaf Blower Vacuum

The Stihl Leaf Blower Vacuum is a great pick if you’re looking for something on the smaller side without sacrificing strength.

“Blowing leaves, grass and light hedge clippings, it also vacuums them up and shreds them into a large 45-litre collecting bag. There are extra tubes that can be attached to each job. You can also buy a flat-nozzle for more focused blowing if needed. The tubes come apart for storage and you can adjust their length according to your height and the job,” Gardeners World writes.

The model has also been well reviewed. use in big gardensIt is very easy to assemble.

“In operation, the Stihl has a well-proportioned, comfortable grip that does a good job of dampening down vibrations from the engine,” The Independent writes. “The overall balance makes for an optimum nozzle-to-ground angle meaning you can simply wander along sweeping the blower before you and be confident that you won’t miss a single acorn.”

5. Ego Power Cordless Leaf Blower

If you’re looking to get serious about your yardwork and willing to invest, the Ego Power is a top high-end leaf blower that is highly rated for

“The Ego’s nearly 30-minute run time is among the longest of the cordless blowers we’ve tested. It has easy-to-use controls, a lot of power, and a precise airstream,” The New York Times writes. 

EgoPower is loved by many for its portability and powerful performance, as well as its ease-of-use.

“Well-balanced, the machine naturally creates a good working angle with the ground so you never feel like you’re fighting it, even when working at maximum airflow,” The Independent writes. “The controls are located at the top end of the handle with a chunky dial so you can stay on top of the power output while you’re working and a turbo button that when pushed will get you to max power and then back to your previous output in an instant.”


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Expert Websites Recommend Top 5 Yard Cleaners for Best Leaf Blowers of 2022

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