Sydney’s Best Landscape Designers, Gardeners, And Landscapers

When looking for the best Sydney gardener, you should consider these three factors. They are skills, reputation, knowledge, experience, as well as reputation. It is the same as hiring someone for any job, but there are some things you should look out for in a gardener to help you distinguish the best from the rest.

It is easy to gauge a gardener’s knowledge based on their qualifications (check their website reviews or online reviews), and their experience can be much more subjective than in other situations.

Essentially, if you like their work, they’re got the experience you need. The only real measure of a gardener’s skill is to see before and after pictures.

How did the garden look like before they arrived? What was the garden like after they were finished? Five years later, how did it look?


There are many educational opportunities, including apprenticeships or degrees. formal qualificationYou can only judge if a garden professional is serious by their portfolio, their experience and past successes in gardening design.

If you’re looking for serious professional garden designers in Sydney though, you need to look for at least a BTEC qualification in garden design, but horticultural degrees and postgraduate qualifications show you that a gardener is serious about their work.

Consider the job you’re hiring for too. Most gardeners in Sydney are specialists, so if you’re looking for tree care, find a qualified tree surgeon. For the same reason, you can also find a qualified tree surgeon. Lawn care, find someone who knows what they’re doing.

Portfolio / Experience

When you’re looking through a gardener’s portfolio, make sure you actually like their work. Not liking their designs doesn’t make you rude, it’s just a matter of taste.

Some garden designers have very unique styles that don’t suit every gardener, so always have an open conversation about expectations before asking anyone to draw up plans.

When looking at past work too, it’s important to ask for any recent images of past projects so you know how their gardens age.

Some gardens look incredible when they’re first planted but the best gardeners in Sydney understand the conditions and will factor in care and maintenance in their designs.

Skills & Plant Knowledge

Interior design is very different from garden design. Both require creativity and flair for design. However, garden design requires a deep understanding and appreciation of plants and their natural habitats.

If you can find a qualified landscape architect to design your garden, it’s definitely more expensive, but they will have a vast knowledge of plants and their growing habits in practical settings.

Hiring a qualified botanist/horticulturist can help you save money. While they will be able to tell you as much as you about each pant, they may not have the same understanding of how they affect the surrounding space.

Do you have a Gardener at your home? Are you looking for a gardener to work on your property? When hiring a gardener to maintain your home, you should make wise choices.

What a bad gardener could do in 10 minutes could take 10 months to fix. One of my clients hired I to trim her hedges. To her horror, he was done trimming her hedges.

It had been 8 months since the last time she called me, and the hedges hadn’t grown back to their original shape.

Consider these things before you give a gardening job to a professional.

1. What is their appearance like?

Are they well dressed for tradesmen or messy and untidy. They are being hired to care for your plants.

Do you want to hire someone who doesn’t care for their own appearance to care for the appearance of your garden?

2. Can they talk the exact same thing?

Do they seem to be able to understand what you are asking? Many good gardeners won’t Know everything but they should at least be able to follow your conversation and perhaps even suggest idea’s as you go.

If they seem confused by what you are discussing, it is likely that they don’t know what to do. This is no sure way to determine if they do know what to do, because it isn’t that hard to fake it, but if they can’t even fake it…do you want to trust your garden to them?

3. Are they available for answering questions?

A good gardener is not going to see you as a way of making money. He will see your garden, and work with you to improve it.

If they don’t seem to mind you asking questions they are probably going to be a better fit for you.

What should I look for when I give the job to a gardening professional?

4. How did they leave the region?

Did they clean up after them? Did they clean up after themselves? If they’ve taken care to leave your place well it is more likely they’ll have cared to do a good job.

It is often a sign they are using shortcuts that could be harmful to your garden.

5. Is it the most secretive part of your garden or is it? Are there any hidden-holes within your garden?

No matter how visible your property is, the best gardeners will take good care of it. Although they might be more visible than others but the best gardeners will take good care of everything.

Check under the bush to see if they took the time to remove any weeds. If they are meticulous, it is likely they are thorough in all aspects.

6. Are they clear and transparent about payment?

This may sound strange, but if your gardener refuses payment, they might not be willing to consider other aspects of plant maintenance that could save money.

Although it is not something anyone enjoys, gardeners who show integrity and treat their job with respect are more likely to do a good job.

While cash is fine, I wouldn’t recommend giving cash to gardeners as an incentive for making it more affordable. This is because it suggests that they are willing and able to make sacrifices. Cash will be given to you, but it will always be more than the law.


Sydney’s Best Landscape Designers, Gardeners, And Landscapers

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