Gutter Guard Installers and Gutter Guard Guard Manufacturers in Australia

Different types of gutter guards

Gutter guards are designed for a few different things, so it’s important to establish the need, before finding the solution. Let’s look at the most common reason for needing a gutter guard; leaf protection & fire protection.

Leaf guards

While leaves don’t cause damage to your gutters in themselves and are relatively simple to clean out, they can build up and completely block your gutter, causing leaks, overflows, and water damage to your property as a result.

If left unattended for longer than one year, leafy gutters can become soil and cause plants growth. This can cause damage to rooves and render their roots useless.

Properly designed leaf guards for your gutters will allow water flow freely and protect you from debris.

Fireguards and emberguards

Fire protection is a more serious problem. Gutter guards should be installed on all homes that are vulnerable to wildfires, embers and bushfires in the summer. There are many ways that gutter guards against fire can be used.

Fire guards protect your home from falling leaves and prevent embers landing in your gutter. The buildup of leaves and debris can reduce fire hazards.

However, ember guards for gutters are more difficult to install and more expensive.

Brush gutter guards

To protect leaf and debris, you can use brush gutter guards. They are simply large pipe cleaners with dense bristles. They fit snugly in most gutters. 

Brush guards are easy to install, but they are hard to maintain. 

Mesh gutter guards

Mesh guards are the best gutter protectors. They are simple in design and prevent large particles and debris from entering your gutter.

Mesh gutter guards come in many materials. You have to choose carefully between aluminium mesh and poly mesh, depending on whether the primary risk is fire (goto aluminium mesh), or leaves. (goto plastic mesh).

Guards for the downpipe

The downpipe guard is the most economical. They can be inserted at any location along a gutter’s downpipe. This prevents leaves blocking the downpipe but allows for leaves and embers to still enter the gutter.

Downpipe guards will save you a lot of money in the long-term. They prevent debris from building up and blocking downpipes. This can cause serious harm to your home as water simply pools over it.

You should still clean your gutters at minimum once a year to remove any debris running along the main length.

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Gutter Guard Installers and Gutter Guard Guard Manufacturers in Australia

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