Garden screening can be used to improve the appearance of your garden as well as provide privacy. Screening can be used in multiple ways. You will need to decide what purpose you want the screening to serve. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right type of garden screening for you.


There are many reasons why garden screening should be installed. These are the main reasons garden screening should be installed.

There are four main types for garden screening. There are four main types for garden screening: metal and living, natural, plastic, or metal. You can choose the material that suits your budget and aesthetic preferences. Your building skills are also important.

These are the most popular types of garden screening.

Wood is the most common material for garden screening. It is durable and environmentally-friendly. There are many wood options available, including cedar or pressure-treated wood. Bamboo is another natural option. Bamboo is growing much faster than hardwood and is becoming a popular choice.

Prices for metal garden screening can vary widely. There are many options available, from simple to more complex designs. It can last for decades, depending on the metal you use.

Vinyl garden screening is very in demand. The initial cost can be high. Vinyl is a great option that can save you money, if you have the funds. Vinyl is easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl is also stronger and more flexible than wood.

To make your garden screening, you can use plants. Many hedges can be combined with climbing vines, bamboo, and trees.

35 Clever Ideas for Creating Garden Screening

35 garden screening ideas will also be provided. Simple garden screening ideas can be installed in minutes or longer.

1. Tall Trees and Greenery

Moving your garden screening can be done with plants. To add dimension, plant tall evergreens in the back and smaller shrubs towards the front. This type is great for creating privacy around patios.

2. DIY Garden Screen made of Repurposed Louvred Doors

Source: Interior Frugalista

I love bringing antiques back to life and repurposing them. You can use an old set of louvred doors for garden screening. You can often find donated doors in thrift shops at a very affordable price.

Interior Frugalista provides a detailed tutorial.

3. Vertical Plank Wooden Screen

You can create a vertical fence using planks at different heights. You can make your garden more artistic by using planks of different heights. The board will provide privacy, but not block your view. 

5. Bamboo Rolls Garden Screen Fence

Bamboo is natural and environmentally-friendly. Bamboo can be bought in rolls and attached directly to existing fences or patio frames. A timber frame can also be built. Bamboo is light and UV-resistant. Bamboo is perfect for providing shade in the daytime and privacy at night. The rolls can be attached to fence posts or existing walls or fences. (Read our review on the Best Bamboo Screening.

Amazon AU: Bamboo Rolls

7. DIY Garden Screen Fence Plan

Are you an avid woodworker? These DIY garden screening designs will help you build a modern fence. Horizontal design adds visual interest. Cedar is a durable material that resists decay, rot and insects.

You can find the AzulWood Plan right here

8. Privacy Screen in Your Patio

Noisy neighbors can ruin your evenings outdoors. To increase privacy and visual interest, you can add garden screenings to your patio. The screen can be used on its own. To brighten it, you can add baskets or hanging planter boxes.

9. Potted plants can also be used to make a garden fence.

Garden screening doesn’t have to be permanent. Large planters can be used to create privacy fences. They can be filled with tall plants. Decorative grass is a popular method of garden screening and privacy. There are many options. You can also grow bamboo and other taller plants.

11. DIY Wire Mesh Garden Screening

Instead of using wood to screen your garden’s trellis, wire mesh is a better choice. Wire mesh allows more sunlight to reach your vining plants. It is also more artistically pleasing than plain wooden. You can also use the screen as a garden trellis. Vertically growing plants will give you more room.  

12. Decorative Screens Panels

Add decorative screen panels for your garden. They will make a big impact. There are many styles of decorative panel that can be used in any type of decor. These panels would be great for my veranda.

Find Screen Panels at Amazon AU.

13. Movable Outdoor Privacy Fence

Are you looking for garden screening that isn’t permanent but you still want it? I know I love to move things around. You can instead of installing permanent garden screening, put it on wheels. This allows you move the screen easily from one location to another. You can either leave it as is or use it for trellising your vining plant.

14. Picacho Metal Garden Screen Art

Large, metal outdoor panels are a great way to show off your artistic side. You can either put one panel or a number of panels. There are panels that attach directly to the ground or panels that attach to wooden poles. 

Get the Ruston Designs Metal Screen art here

15. Whitewashed Trellises

A trellis can be used to create a garden screening. This grid shape is great for climbing plants or privacy. The trellis can be left in its natural state, or whitewashed to create an atmosphere that’s perfect for farmhouse decor and rustic decor. 

17. Modern Styled Garden Screen Fence

This tutorial will teach you how to create a modern privacy screening. This screen is great for privacy and hiding unsightly areas. Multiple screens can be made to cover large areas like a deck or garden. The screens can be moved around because they are portable.

Kreg offers the complete tutorial

18. DIY Garden Screen Planter

Garden screens are great for privacy. In some situations, however, they can be distracting. An existing lattice screen can be augmented with a planter. This is a great way to add interest by planting vines and flowers.

Here’s Sand Dollar Lane’s complete tutorial

19. DIY Bamboo Garden Screening

Instead of building a single wall for your garden screening, frame some bamboo. These panels will not overwhelm but add visual interest. These panels are very simple to make. Bamboo fencing is a better option than individual bamboo pieces, which can take forever to secure.

21. Lattice Garden Screening

Lattice can be used to support climbing plants. It can also be used to screen your garden. Climbing vines can be used to cover it. It can also be covered with shrubs and flowers. You can use the lattice to display hanging plants or bird feeders. Lattice can be used to increase the height and interest of patios and decks.

22. Create a freestanding screen

You can make your own garden screening and hide any unsightly areas. By making your own screening, your project can be scaled to suit your needs. This tutorial will show you how to build and cut a garden screen.  

23. Wood Slatted Outdoor Privacy Screen

Panel walls made of slatted panels can provide privacy and shade from the sun. You can either cover an unsightly wall with panels or add panels to an existing one. This type is great for homeowners who have neighbors who can see through your fence to your garden.

Here is the complete tutorial from City Farmhouse

24. Natural Reed Garden Screen Fence

Natural reed fence rolls are versatile and durable. They make great garden screening. You can stack them one after the other to create a privacy screen. The reed can also be used indoors to cover ceilings and walls.

The Reed Fence is available on Amazon AU here

25. DIY Garden Screen Using Pallets

Pallets can be used in many ways. Pallets can be used for many purposes. This includes garden screening. Pallets can be used easily. This video will show how to make a wall. I believe that most people can do this project on their own.

26. Faux Boxwood Garden Screening

If you like the idea, faux boxwood garden screening can be made. However, you don’t have to wait for the plants grow. I love the look of natural plants, but sometimes time is not on our side. This video tutorial will demonstrate how to make faux-boxwood screens.

27. DIY Wooden Lattice Privacy Wall

Create your garden screening out of wooden lattice panels. The lattice will allow you privacy, but not completely block the area. To brighten up lattice walls, you can use climbing and potting plants.  

Chelsea is the best place to see the full tutorial

28. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen

Are you a woodworker or a skilled one? If you have basic woodworking knowledge and a tablesaw, this privacy fence can be chevron-inspired. You can make a panel or a wall. Watch the video tutorial to see how easy it is to build.

29. Screen Enclosure

This freestanding, manufactured garden screening is easy to install. There are many styles and sizes to match any decor. This freestanding screen has a classic wicker design, and can be reversed. This is a great option if you don’t need something permanent.

You can find the Attachment from Amazon AU right now

 31. To create a garden screen, you can plant a Living Wall

A combination of climbing, short and tall plants can be used to create a living wall. To make a striking combination, add horizontal plants. You can also add decorative screening or plants with height to add some interest.

32. Tall Bamboo for Garden Screening

Is it possible to grow bamboo in your backyard? Tall plants can provide shade or privacy. Bamboo is a popular addition for gardens. Bamboo is a great option for reducing greenhouse gasses. It is easy to grow and is a great alternative to wood. Bamboo can be quite aggressive, so be aware. It is important that the plants are trimmed every few decades.

33. Garden Screen Fence with IKEA Twig 

Your garden screen can be made from twigs. This is a simple and inexpensive way to make your garden look better. There will always be twigs. Ask your neighbors for theirs. If you don’t have enough twigs you can always purchase them at craft stores or IKEA.

The complete tutorial can be found at Artsy Pretty Plants.

34. HDPE Fabric Garden Screening

You can use fabric screening to replace a chained fence or other traditional garden screening options. Zip ties make it easy to attach grommets on fence posts. It is made from a breathable fabric that allows water and air to pass through. The fabric garden screening is easy-to-maintenance.

Buy the Fabric Screen from Amazon AU here

Your garden screening should enhance your property’s beauty. It should not detract from your property’s beauty. I hope you find my list inspiring.

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Best Garden Screening Ideas for 2022

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