Ariens EZR 1742 Problems – [7 Proven Ways to Fix Them]

Ariens EZR was the perfect choice for my friend for half of the last decade. But a few days ago, he faced some issues, and it couldn’t move or deliver the performance perfectly. After hours of research, these are the 7 most frequent problems with Ariens ZR1742. These are the problems.

  1. Start a Problem
  2. Hydro-Gear Transaxle
  3. Blades are not engaging
  4. Electrical problems
  5. Motor dies after PTO engages
  6. Do not Move
  7. It is important to turn off the engine

Let’s drive into the details parts,

Ariens EZR 1742 Problems & Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide

In general, I found the 7 problems of Ariens EZR 1742 include starting problems; blades won’t engage, PTO clutch issues, mower not moving, hydro gear problems, and bog down the engine.

Here’s a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for Ariens EZR 1742. Let’s drive-in.

1. Start a Problem

Ariens EZR1742 has had some trouble starting, which could spell trouble in your yard. Poor battery power, fuel filter, dirty air, out of fuel, sparkwire loss, or poor battery power could all be the causes. It can cause a lot of frustration since it’s unclear what is causing the problem. It could be a manufacturing defect, or something that develops. Either way, it’s something you’ll want to monitor.

Possible Causes

  1. Bad battery power
  2. Lose spark wire
  3. Dirty filter
  4. Fuel filter dirty
  5. Fuel out


  1. Battery: Check the battery power; if it’s blank, recharge it. If the battery cannot hold a charge, it can be replaced.
  2. Spark wire:Make sure to inspect the spark plug. If it’s dirty, clean it and tighten the spark wire. Or if it’s broken, replace it asap.
  3. Dirty filterClan air filters can increase the airflow to an engine. The engine can be turned on by providing enough oxygen and cold. A dirty filter can block the oxygen flow and prevent the engine from being started. If you find the filter, clean it. Click here to learn how to clean the lawn mower’s air filter.
  4. Fuel filter:Fuel contaminated by fuel will cause a decrease in engine velocity. For this reason, the engine won’t start. You should change your fuel filter immediately you notice it becoming dirty.
  5. Oil: Without oil, your mower won’t start. The dipstick can be used to check the oil level. You can quickly top it up and turn the mower on if it is low.

2. Hydro-Gear Transaxle Problem

Hydro-Gear Transaxles have more power and last longer. The transaxle can withstand mowing and is designed for heavy-duty use.

Problems have been reported with the hydro-gear transaxle for the Ariens EZR1742. Some users report that the transaxle has stopped working, while others claim it is not working properly. It’s a major problem, as it can render the lawn mower unusable.

Riding mowers can lose power or suddenly stop due to hydro-gear transaxles. This can cause injury to the operator. Ariens received four reports from operators about incidents, one of which was from someone who was hurt when the mower abruptly stopped.

Possible Causes

  1. Insufficient hydraulic fluid
  2. Hydraulic pump damage


  1. Hydraulic fluid: Insufficient fluid can cause your pump’s power to drop and make it full. Check the fluid level and top it off.
  2. Hydraulic pump damage:If you discover that your hydraulic pump is not working, contact the nearest service centre to have it replaced.

3. Ariens EZR 1742 Blades Not Engaging

We love the Ariens EZR1742 because of its durability and ease-of-use. However, some owners report that the blades don’t engage properly and it is difficult to cut the grass.

This problem is particularly frustrating for those who have used the EZR1742 over the years. Ariens released a statement saying that they are aware of this problem and are working on fixing it. They recommend that owners use an manual lever to engage the blades.

Possible Causes

  1. PTO clutch issue
  2. PTO switching issue


  1. PTO clutchThe active PTO clutch is what connects the mower blades with the drive belts. It gives power to cut the grass. Conversely, if it shut the PTO clutch off, it won’t engage the blades to drive the belt. If the PTO clutch is damaged or worn, replace it.
  2. PTO switching PTO stands for power take-off. If the switch is deactivated, it can not power up the PTO clutch, and the blades won’t engage. If the PTO switch is damaged, replace it.

Insider Tip The PTO clutch cannot easily be repaired. It would be more efficient if the clutch was replaced.

4. Engine Starter Switch is not working

The Ariens EZR1742 can cause fuel efficiency and performance problems, as well as permanent damage to the mower. The mower cannot be turned on or off.

Possible Causes

  1. Broken starter switch
  2. Bad solenoid ground connection


  1. Starter switch: Make sure to check the starter switch. If it’s broken, replace it.
  2. Solenoid ground connects: Make sure it’s connected with the battle to frame. If the engine doesn’t start, restart it.

5. Motor dies after PTO activates

The PTO engages and the engine of the Ariens EZR1742 mower stops working. Many users have reported this problem to the Ariens forum. It’s a serious problem because it can cause the mower to stall in the middle of mowing. And it’s dangerous because it can cause the blade to keep spinning when the mower is turned off.

Possible Cause

  1. Problem with the brake switch


  1. Brake switch: When the brake switch won’t allow passing the full voltage on the PTO switch, it will stop the engine when engaging the PTO. Test it by reinstalling the brake switch. It should be functional.

6. The engine cranks but isn’t moving

The Ariens engine EZR1742 cranks but does nothing. Problem with the PTO switch, parking brake, or mower drive belt.

Possible Cause

  1. PTO switchingYou should make sure you check the PTO switch. If it isn’t engaged, you can then make it active. Replace the switch if it isn’t working correctly.
  2. Parking brakeYour parking area should be well-designed. If the mower parking brake is engaged, it won’t move.
  3. Drive belt: If the mower drive freezes up mower won’t move. Inspect the mower drive belt under the deck; if It’s clogged with debris, clean it and free the drive belt. Now, turn the engine on.

7. Slow blades slow down the engine.

Many users complain about the EZR1742 mower blades causing them to slow down and bog their engines. The mower takes longer time to cut the lawn. This can make lawn-mowing more difficult.

Possible Cause

  1. Dull blades


  1. Blades: If you’re not sharpening the mower blades after 25 hours of usage, try to cut the grass so fast it will bog down the engine easily. This is why you should sharpen or replace your mower blades.


EZR 1742 Wiring Diagram

The EZR 1742 wiring schematic has been released by the company. This is a significant development as the diagram provides clear and concise instructions on how to wire the EZR1742. The diagram is easy-to-follow, making it simple to correctly wire the EZR1742.

EZR 1742 Wiring Diagram

Ariens EZR 1742 Maintenance

It’s important to keep your Ariens EZR 1742 in good condition for continued use. These are some maintenance tips that will make your machine run smoothly.

  1. Use a gardenhose to clean the deck and blades frequently.
  2. Keep the drive belt tensioner well lubricated and keep the roller bearings clean.
  3. Make any adjustments if necessary.
  4. Keep the filter free of debris.
  5. These maintenance tips will keep you Ariens EZR1742 in great shape.
  6. Regularly check your air pressure and tire pressure.
  7. Inspect the blade to ensure alignment and sharpness.

Wrapping up

There are some problems with the Ariens EZR1742. It is a reliable machine, but it has some issues. This model is worth considering if you’re looking to purchase. It is important to thoroughly test it before you purchase it. Be prepared for future repairs.

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Ariens EZR 1742 Problems – [7 Proven Ways to Fix Them]

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