Are Lawn Mower Gas Caps Universally Available? (Common Mistake)

If you’re missing the gas cap on your lawn mower and you’re in need of a replacement, then you’re probably wondering if there’s a universal gas cap to solve your problem. You’ll find replacement caps hanging from hooks at your local lawnmower shop. But does that mean they will work on your particular mower model? Well, before you put a new gas cap in your shopping cart, let’s take a look to see if universal really means universal.

So…Are Lawn Mower Gas Caps Universal? (The Short Answer)

Each lawn mower’s gas cap can be different. There are many gas caps that will fit lawn mowers with different gas tanks. Manufacturers of lawn mowers have a wide range of designs to choose from, including threaded, winged, and vented caps. Each gas cap can be customized to match specific lawnmowers. An incorrect gas cap can lead to lawn mower damage or performance problems.

The Different Types and Types Of Lawn Mower Gas Caps

As you can see gas caps aren’t universal. There are many choices available, each with its own characteristics. Let’s take a look at the different gas caps that are available and work out which one you will need for your mower.

Threaded gas caps

The threaded gas caps look like a nut and bolt cap. The gas cap is made up of the nut and bolt for the gas tank. Both have threads that fit inside each other. To create a tight seal, a rubber washer is used to tighten the bolt.

Caps for winged gases

The older design of the winged gas cap is more common for metal tanks. The bottom of the gas cap has two lugs that fit into the openings in the tank. These gas caps are sealed using a rubber washer.

Caps for Vented Gas

Vented gas caps can be used with either threaded or wing gas caps. If you take a closer look at a lawn mower gas cap, you’ll see that there is a small hole that allows air to enter the gas tank to prevent a vacuum from forming. This vent hole may vary from lawn mowers to lawn mowers.

A smaller engine push mower will usually have a smaller vent that a larger engine riding mower. This is because a larger engine uses a lot more gas and takes gas from the tank much faster.

Different Sizes

These terms and conditions apply “one size fits all,” “universal” really aren’t correct when it comes to lawn mower gas caps. Most self-propelled mowers and push mowers have gas caps that measure approximately 2 inches in diameter. Gas caps for zero-turn and ride-on mowers may be up to five to six inches in diameter. Gas caps can be as small, large, or as wide as you want.

Size of the Thread and Wing

Once you have worked out whether you need a threaded or a winged gas cap and what size you need, you’re then going to need to make sure that either the threads or the wings are the right size. Most lawn mower gas cap have different thread sizes. Also, the wings of winged gas caps may have different sizes.

It is crucial to buy the right gas cap (Problems that it can prevent).

What happens if you use the wrong gas cap? Well, you’ll likely face some problems. Other than the universal gas cap not fitting correctly, there are other potential problems. Here’s what you could encounter if you use the wrong gas cap.

  • Gas tank damage
  • Gas Tank Vacuum
  • Spluttering Engine
  • Stalling Engine
  • Gas Spillage and Lawn Damage

Can a Universal Gas Cap be Used?

If you are looking to replace your lawn mower’s gas cap, I recommend that you find the right cap for your lawnmower.

If you get the right universal gas cap, it can still work. Usually, if you read the packet that they ship in, you’ll see that they will actually work with particular makes and models. This is why you’ll see different “universal” gas caps available.

For example, Craftsman, Husqvarna, John Deere, and MTD lawn mowers with a 2-1/8″ diameter gas tank opening use the same threaded vented gas cap for some of their lawn mower models. Although universal gas caps may not be compatible with all mowers, there are many that will.

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Are Lawn Mower Gas Caps Universally Available? (Common Mistake)

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