Alexander Palm – Australian Native Growing Guide

What Fertilizers to Use

The Alexander Palm seedlings won’t need any fertiliser initially. You can start feeding them when they’re in the active growing phase. A liquid palm fertiliser is perfect. You can feed your palm about every 2 weeks during summer and stop feeding it in winter. 

Watering Schedule

You should keep your Alexander Palm’s soil moist during its development. After your palm is mature, you can aim for moist soil in the winter and dry soil in summer.

The trick here is that the soil mustn’t become soggy. It’s good to test the soil with your finger to determine how often to water. If the soil feels wet, it is best to let it dry before you water again. We recommend watering once per week, but it is a good idea to test the soil before you do. 

Drainage is essential, just like soil. If your Alexander Palm is housed in an aluminum pot, ensure that the drainage system allows excess water to drain. 

Pruning Alexander Palm

It’s worth having any home that can be cleaned easily. This could be extended to pets and children. What you’ve heard about the Alexander palm is indeed true – the palm is self-cleaning, which means more enjoyment without any hard work. 

You can wipe your Alexander Palm leaves with a damp cloth if they are looking worn. This should be done only once a month. This allows the leaves room to breathe.

Older leaves can become more brown as they age. You can remove any dead leaves to make your plant more energetic. 

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Alexander Palm – Australian Native Growing Guide

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