WHY DO YOU NEED a Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner? 

When we go to our backyard, we want to feel like we’ve entered our own personal oasis, with more family time, rather than having to deal with the nagging reminders of tedious household chores. A job to clean your yard or pool will cost you around $100. Backyard cleaning is a time-consuming, expensive job. AiperThe mission of creating simple and smart outdoor cleaning solutions is to make your life extraordinary. Our humble begging’s are in pool cleaners, where industry products at the time were cumbersome, expensive, outdated and just downright inefficient. We came into the space with the intention to save people time & money and to change how they’d clean their pools and backyards forever.

Get Your Aiper Robotic Pool Cleaning MachinePIONEER IN CORDLESS ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER

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Acid washing may be necessary for your pool.


Pool acid washing is a process where chemicals—mainly hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid—are combined with water and are sprayed onto your pool’s surface to remove any grime and build-up. The professional pool cleaner will scrub the staining using a brush. The chemical wash allows for easier removal of algae and staining that has been built upon your pool’s surface.


Whether you have a plaster pool or a Pebble Tec® pool, different types of algae and staining will occur and cause your outdoor oasis to look dirty.

Magnesium Stains

Depending on the water you use, magnesium may be present in your pool. Too much magnesium can cause pool discoloration, such as pink, red, and even black. Stains of magnesium can be removed by pool acid washing.

Copper Stains

Similar to magnesium stains, copper stains also occur when your pool’s source water comes from well water—typically high in all minerals. Copper stains can cause a blue, green, or even black staining of your pool. This can be removed with pool acid washing.

Hard water

Calcium deposits can cause hard water spots, also known as scum. These deposits are often found near the pool’s edge, where the tile meets water. Hard water stains lead to cloudy water and a lower (and unsafe) water pH level. Pool acid washing can also be used to remove hard water stains.

Aiper Growth

Aiper has been creating simple, innovative outdoor cleaning solutions since 1912 using the most modern technologies and historical breakthroughs. With a sharp sense of market demands and aiming to solve people’s pain points, Aiper’s R&D team were born with honors and keeps developing fascinating technologies and innovations that will continue to shape the market far into the future
Get Your Aiper Robotic Pool Cleaning MachinePIONEER IN CORDLESS ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER


Can I have a robotic pool cleaner in my swimming pool?

Your bot can clean the pool while you swim, but it’s better to not.. Swimming can make the water churny. If the machine is submerged in water, it will be more difficult for the current to complete its work. It will need to work harder to cover the same distance.

How often do you need to run your robotic pool cleaners?

Your robot pool cleaner should operate in the best possible conditions. Swimming in it daily, or at most once per day if you aren’t swimming.. However, if you don’t swim in your pool as often, you should run it at least once per week or every other week. You might wash your pool once per month if you have a pool cover you use all the time.

How long can a robot pool cleaner be kept running?

Automated Vacuum

You should allow the vacuum to run until all of the pool is cleaned. This should result in an average of Between two and six hours.


A lot of what’s now taken for granted such as cordless pool cleaning, pool wall climbing, gyroscope intelligent path planning and auto-swerve technology, are all thanks to our outstanding R&D team. Our technology has allowed people to save countless hours and allow them to spend more of their time doing what they love. While we take care your backyard, you can spend more time with your family and enjoy the fruits of your labour. We are proud that we have been able to provide innovative and practical cleaning products to more families over time. Aiper is the leader in cordless robotic pool cleaners. We will also clean your entire backyard.

Aiper Cordless Robotic pool cleaner

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