Acmena Smithii – Australian Native Guide

Once your plant is established in your garden it can withstand moderate frost and drought. Overall, this species of Lilly Pilly doesn’t require much hassle so you can be sure you won’t have to sweat to have a thriving plant. 

Here are some Acmenasmithii care tips. 

Fertilising & Feeding

A quality controlled release fertiliser should be applied to your plant at least once per year. Spring is the best time for your plant to produce abundant blooms and fruits.

You can also use an unnatural blend, but it is not required. 

Watering Acmena Smithii

The warmer months will see the plant at its best.

You can cut back on watering in autumn and winter. 

Pruning Properly 

There are many ways to prune your plant. It all depends on what you want. Sometimes, pruning can make a big difference in topiary specimens and standalone feature plants.

If needed, this plant can even be hard pruned so don’t be afraid to prune them into shape as needed when they become unruly. It is best to tip-prune hedges less often to maintain a pleasing appearance. 

It is recommended to prune this plant after a new growth flush. Always use sterilized, sharp pruning shears.

These are the five best hedge cutters that we reviewed in 2022.

Mulching Matters

Make sure you mulch your hedge or plant regularly, especially in the summer. This will increase moisture retention and reduce weed growth. It will also promote healthy fruiting and flowering. Organic mulches work better.  

Our ultimate guide to mulches, including their types and when to use them, can be found here. 

General Clean-Up

Fallen fruits, seedpods and spent flowers may need to be removed after fruiting and flowering in late summer.

You can always remove any flower heads that have been soiled after flowering to stop many fruits developing.

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Acmena Smithii – Australian Native Guide

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