7 Best Tool Belts for Australia (2022 Product Reviews).

What to look for in a tool bag

Tools belts aren’t complicated things, but often that makes it harder to choose a good one. You should consider the materials, manufacturing quality, looks, as well as their mechanism when choosing a tool belt.


Leather is the traditional choice for tool belts. However, it can be restrictive and difficult to clean, especially in the garden. I prefer nylon and polyester with excellent stitching to make tool belts.

They are more breathable due to their durability and structure. They’re more comfortable and tougher. And that’s incredibly important with something you’re wearing for hours at a time.


Before purchasing any tool belt, make sure you check the fastenings. Clips and poppers are great, but if they’re made from flimsy-looking plastic, they will not last forever. Belt buckles and shackles are stronger than clips or clasps.

But, and this is important, it’s more about the quality than the type of fastening. While stainless steel buckles can be more durable than plastic clips, a sturdy, thicker plastic clip can often be more reliable than an alloy buckle.


It can be difficult online to estimate the belt’s weight. However, you can take a look at the materials used and the quality of the stitching to get a good idea. Hemmed stitching is stronger and more stable than unhemmed or lightweight stitches. This may make your tool bag more heavy, but it will last a lot longer so it is worth it.

Leather tool belts weigh more than fabric belts so they are difficult to wear for extended periods. They can be made to last for generations if they are taken care of properly.


When buying a new tool bag, fittings are the most important thing. There’s no one size fits all explanation for a good tool belt here, but as a basic rule, the more pockets it has, the better.

You can work in your backyard without worrying about losing screws or nails.

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7 Best Tool Belts for Australia (2022 Product Reviews).

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