Different tap timers

The interface and internal mechanics of tap timers are the same. Interfaces for tap timers can be analogue (mechanical), digital (on-screen), and smart (controlled by smartphones, tablets, or remote devices).

Analogue Tap Timers

Analog tap timers are easier to use and more straightforward to set up. The downside is that you’ll only have one programme, and will need to reset it manually, and turn it off entirely when there is heavy rain predicted to avoid wasting water.

Digital Tap Timers

Digital tap times are a useful in-between for gardeners on a budget, but it’s worth spending slightly more to get a model you can trust outdoors in all-weather as the screens can blow and become unreadable after time.

Remote controls are available for some digital tap-timers. It can be very difficult to get the device working again if it gets lost. Keep it safe, or get a simpler model with a basic screen display.

Digital timers can store multiple programs, and can be preset for water for any length.

Smart Tap Timers

Until recently I wouldn’t have gone near a smart tap timer. They were not weatherproof and cheaply made. They are now extremely well-built and you can control your tap timings from anywhere in the world.

Smart timers can detect weather conditions and adjust the flow to compensate. If you’re happy to pay a little bit extra, today’s smart tap timers are unbelievably useful tools.

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7 Best Tap Timers in Australia 2022

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