7 Best Rooting Hormones In Australia for 2022

How to use Rooting hormones

It is easy to use rooting hormonal products. There are guidelines on the packaging that indicate how much to use for each cut. Most people just dip the cuttings in the gel/powder and coat them with the correct amount.

It is better not to dip the cuttings into the pot, but to scoop the hormone out of a container. This can lead to it becoming contaminated over time. 

To cut, use Rooting Hormone

To encourage the growth new roots on greenwood and hardwood cuttings, dip each cut into hormone and then immediately place it in your chosen medium, either sterile soil or vermiculite, depending on the plant. 

Both powder and gel are good options for cutting into soil or vermiculite. Rooting gel will stick to cuttings in water. It will dissolve faster than powder, which tends to sink and is less water-soluble.

How to use Rooting Hormone to Young Plants

For young plants with bare roots, a small amount can be helpful. It will help them to establish themselves in their new homes, and reduce the chance of fungal problems. 

Naphthalene-acetic acids are the best rooting hormones for transplanting seedlings. This acid stabilizes their conditions and prevents fungal problems and nutrient loss. It can also be used to promote root development which can be used later to increase nutrient intake.

Use of Rooting Hormones to Hedging Trees

Bareroot trees and hedges must first be treated with mycorrhizal powder or rooting powder before being planted in the ground. To encourage roots growth, mycorrhizal mushroom are the most effective. However, you can sprinkle a little bit of rooting powder onto the roots to increase their effectiveness.

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7 Best Rooting Hormones In Australia for 2022

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