7 Best Mitre Saw Stands In Australia (2022 Review)

What to Look Out For When Buying A Mitre Saw Stand

There are three things you should consider when buying mitre saw stands: price, height, storage, and cost. While it is important to consider the more common considerations like build quality, brand trust, and stability, it is better to stick to these three basics when choosing your basic specs.


Some mitresaw stands can be adjusted or telescopic, but most are suitable for users with minimum table heights of 4ft. The most important dimension is the cutting depth.

You can verify that the supports have the right height to support your tool. Measure the length of the tool from the base to the surface on the cutting plate.


Tables cost between $60-$600. Tables are typically between $60-$600. The most expensive mitre saws can cost upwards of $3000. There are some exceptions. Don’t focus too much on price though, as the real challenge is finding a mitre saw stand that will work with your own mitre saw.

To make sure your tools can be used, you can concentrate on depth and height. The mitre saw stands with higher prices tend to be more universal and can be used with more flexible guides or supports.

Knowing the dimensions you need can save you hundreds of dollars.

Folding Vs fixed mitre saw stands

The most important difference between folding and mitre-saw stands is their ability fold or stay static. For me, I’ll always go for folding tables because our workshop is fairly limited on space, meaning every tool we buy has to earn its keep.

The folding mitre saw tables are just as strong and can be folded away when not in use. Static tables often come with folding supports. They are sturdy, well-designed, and multifunctional. They can also serve as a support for pillar drilling in other situations.

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7 Best Mitre Saw Stands In Australia (2022 Review)

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