7 Best Garden Hoses in Australia (2022 Reviews)

As most modern gardeners will tell you, rainwater is the best source of water for the garden, and I’m very much in that camp. It is almost impossible to conserve enough water for your Australian garden borders or beds. 

Hoses are ideal for large gardens. They are also great for watering large gardens. Some designs are perfect for delicate, but continuous watering of shrubs and borders. You can also use them with tap timers for gently watering shrubs and borders.

What to look out for when purchasing a garden hose

There are some things that you should know when purchasing a new gardenhose. Let me first tell you why. My first garden was a passion project, as any gardener would. I was full of ideas, and a lot more energy.

I lacked patience, but not skill. Two hoses were my first week of gardening. One because it kinked in summer heat, and the hose walls shattered.

I accidentally dropped a shovel on it and left it on the lawn. Safe to say it didn’t last much longer.

It is not worth the money to buy single-walled, kinking, and UV-sensitive hosepipes. Because I’m still a gardener enthusiast. I still make mistakes.

What’s the difference? I only buy the best tools, hoses included. 

When you’re buying a new hose, look for these three factors:

  • Anti-kink
  • UV resistant
  • Double or triple walled

There are many ways anti-kinkhoses can be used. There are expandable and sprung types. Triple-walled antikinkhoses still retain a strong loop when rolled. This makes it much easier to pull them around your garden without the dreaded “kink”.

UV-resistant hoses aren’t new, but they use tougher plastic and rubbers on the outer skin of the hose so that they don’t become brittle, or weaken in full sun.

Double-walled or triple-walled water pipes are less likely to cause damage, cutting, tearing, or severeing.

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7 Best Garden Hoses in Australia (2022 Reviews)

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