6 Best Lawn Rollers in Australia (2022 Buyer Guide)

Different types and models of lawn rollers

Without going to an antique shop, you’re very unlikely to find a solid, or thick skinned lawn roller, like the traditional tools used on cricket pitches. They’re industrial and so heavy that they’re almost impossible to deliver.

What is the difference in modern and traditional lawn rollers?

Plastic lawn rollers vs. steel

Plastic lawn rollers perform better than metal ones. It’s true, I said it. Because they are hollowed and thin, metal lawn rolls can be damaged or dented.

If they are filled up with water, they will rust. However, they can be very difficult to empty when filled with sand. Plastic lawn rollers have thicker walls which are easy to empty.

Another benefit to plastic lawn rollers is their versatility. They scratch and not ding when they encounter obstacles. This helps them to keep their shape longer.

You can compare lawn rollers that have water-filled or solid surfaces to those that have solid surfaces.

Solid lawn rollers are better than filled ones. Filled lawn rollers arrive in hollow barrels, which you can fill up with water and sand to make them heavier.

Solid metal tools can be heavier and last longer but are more difficult and time-consuming to store and transport. While solid rollers can be more useful, most gardeners prefer to use hollow turf rollers.

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6 Best Lawn Rollers in Australia (2022 Buyer Guide)

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