6 Best Electric Leaf Blowers and Vacuums to Buy in 2021

When maintaining a tidy lawn, a rake might be your go-to tool – but it isn’t particularly effective for large-scale cleaning.

It’s not worth the effort to clean up every petal or leaf that has fallen. There are many more convenient options.

A leaf blower doesn’t come as cheap as a rake, but your back will thank you for making yard cleaning a speedier and easier task. There’s plenty of options on the market, so if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve rounded up our picks of the best-rated models.

BLACK+DECKER 18V Lithium Ion Cordless, POWERCOMMAND Leaf Blower Amazon Australia, $69

This is a great tool that can be used to clear out driveways, paths, decks, and walkways of leaves, grass clippings and other debris. Multifunctional tool is powered with an 18V lithium-ion battery for cordless manoeuvrability. It weighs in at 1.7kg, so you can use it comfortably without any pain to your back or arms. It folds up easily for storage. It can reach a maximum speed of 209 km/h with the Power Boost function, making it suitable to transport large quantities of debris.

It has been rated four stars by one reviewer and given five stars by one other. “Does all that I need and meets with my expectations. I have two electric mulcher blowers but this unit is a lot lighter and easier to manage around the home blowing away gum tree leaves”.



Giantz Lightweight Cordless Leafblower Myer, 100.95

The device is powered by the 20V lithium-ion battery. Giantz Cordless Blower has a durable yet lightweight body that allows you to work longer without tiring. The rubber grip throttle handle is simple to use and allows you to target leaf blowing with the narrow nozzle. There’s two speeds to choose from to suit lightweight or heavy duty cleaning tasks, too.


Makita 18V LXT Lithium‑Ion Cordless Blower, Amazon , $97.99

This leaf blower was designed by Makita has a variable three-speed motor with a maximum air velocity of 288 kilometres per hour, for customised operation. The long nozzle’s flat end allows you to hold it longer and is easy to use. You’ll have to buy the battery separately – there’s a few options that’ll work, but the cheapest 18V option is the Makita BL1815N-L, although the BL1840 or BL1850 will offer longer battery life.

The unit received a rating of 4.6 stars from over 3,800 reviews. One reviewer gave it five stars and commented. “A great light weight / small appliance that does as good a job as any of the larger ones that I have owned, and being cordless makes it even more desirable”.


Topex 20V Max Lithium Cordless Leaf Blower, Harvey Norman, $159

The aircraft can fly at 120 km/h. Topex Cordless Leafblower is ideal for clearing light debris from your lawn or other outdoor surfaces. It’s easy and comfortable to use due to its lightweight construction, and has a low noise design so your neighbours won’t be too annoyed with you. It comes with a Lithium battery for longer cleaning time.


Bosch GBL18V71N 18V Cordless Blower, Bare Tool with 2.0 AH Battery


This Three-in-1 tool offers blower, vacuum, and shredder functions for optimal garden tidying. The blower mode lets you collect leaves and other debris into a tidy pile. Attach the bag to vacuum up the debris. The shredder can be used for converting the waste into compostable material. It is equipped with a variable speed motor that can reach speeds as high as 300 km/h. It also includes a 2300W vacuum engine and a large 45-litre bag. fatigue-free use.

It has a rating average of 5 stars, “Once assembled the unit sat nicely on my shoulder and was easy to manoeuvre. The unit is quiet even with earmuffs on, and it is still very comfortable. I had no difficulty picking up any mounds or lines of dried leaves against my brickwork. The power of the TURBO setting was greatly increased and I was left with finely mulched leaf litter. Perfect for scattering back onto the garden”.


Kärcher S4 Twin Push Sweeper, Tools Warehouse, $299

If you’ve got artificial grass or large outdoor paved areas, the Kärcher S4 Twin Push Sweeper makes cleaning easy, whether you’re dealing with petals in spring or leaves in autumn. It has a powerful rollerbrush, 2 side brushes, and a 680mm sweep. It can handle up to 2400m2 of area per hour. The 20-litre hopper is easy to remove and holds waste. The push handle is adjustable so it suits everyone’s height, and the whole unit can be collapsed for space-saving storage.

It has a rating of 4.4 stars on average, with one 5-star reviewer stating, “it’s a rare find these days when you buy something that just works perfectly. This is the perfect example. It is robust, the revolving brush’s adapt to the terrain and drag every piece dirt, leaves, grit, twigs, sawdust etc in toward the central rolling brush. It is easy to empty and has a large storage capacity. It can be stored upright and so has a small footprint”.



If you’re a fan of a tidy-looking lawn but you want to clear it of debris with minimal effort, a leaf blower is absolutely worth it. It performs more quickly and effectively than a rake, and can cause less strain upon your body – and is particularly useful if you have larger areas to clean.


Are you unsure of the features that should be considered when purchasing a leaf blower. Here’s what you should consider:

• Weight: A lightweight blower is ideal, as it won’t tire you as much even if you’re doing some heavy-duty cleaning.

• Power source: You can buy corded, cordless, or petrol-powered blowers. They are more convenient and easier to maneuver than corded blowers.

• Variable speeds: Variable speed control blowers make it possible to customize the power and battery usage for your task.

• Maximum speed: If you have a large property, a higher maximum speed can be useful. A smaller yard allows you to use a stronger blower, but it will probably cost less.

• Blower, vacuum or sweeper: Are you just after a blower to blast away leaves? Are you looking for one that can pick up all the leaves you have? If you have a terrace in your yard, a sweeper may be more appropriate.


There are many ways you can use your blower/blower vacuum correctly. If you’re dealing with a leaf blower and a large amount of debris, you can place a tarp in the corner of the yard to direct the leaves onto. When you’re done, you can easily dump the contents of the tarp into your compost or greens waste.

To collect dirt and other debris between larger cleaning tasks, you can use the vacuum function of a leaf blower vacuum. If you’re planning on vacuuming large amounts of yard debris, you might have to frequently empty the catcher, depending on its capacity.

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6 Best Electric Leaf Blowers And Vacuums to Buy In 2021

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