You don’t want to be tethered to a power cord when clearing a yard full of leaves or blasting grass clippings from the front walk, especially if you have a large lawn. Fortunately, most of the best leaf blowers from our tests are cordless — either powered by gas or a rechargeable battery. Corded blowers are still out there, but they’re best for small jobs, like clearing a back deck. To maximize your freedom, use cordless to grab every leaf.

The Good Housekeeping Institute experts put the cordless gas- and battery-powered Leaf Blowers through their paces. They were evaluated in our Lab for ease of use, construction quality, and other factors. Our team also tested the machines on thick leaves, snowfall, and debris-strewn sidewalks. The best cordless leaf-blowers combine power and control without making neighbors shout. These are the best cordless leaf-blowers, according to our tests.

These are our top picks

Once you’ve considered our leaf blower picks, don’t miss our expert advice on keeping your yard tidy throughout the year, including everything you need to know when shopping for leaf blowers. Check out our latest roundups of the best lawn mowers and snowblowers.

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Best Cordless Leaf Blower


60-Volt Max Flex force

Key Specs

TypeHandheld powered with a battery
Air flow565 cfm
Air speed110 mph
Weight10 lbs
Noise rating63 dB

The Best Cordless Leaf Blower at an Amazing Value


PWR Core 40

Key Specs

TypeHandheld powered by batteries
Air flow500 cfm
Air speed120 mph
Weight8.38 lbs
Noise ratingNot available

Quietest Cordless Leafblower


40V Whisper Series

Key Specs

TypeHandheld powered by batteries
Air flow730 cfm
Air speed190 mph
Weight9.7 lbs
Noise rating57 dB

Best Gas Cordless Leaf Mower


125B Gas Leaf Blower

Key Specs

TypeGas-powered handheld
Air flow470 cfm
Air speed170 mph
Weight9.4 lbs
Noise Rating70 dB

Best Backpack Leaf Blower


Backpack Blower

Key Specs

TypeGas backpack
Air flow1,100 cfm
Air speed220 mph
Weight31 lbs
Noise rating80 dB

Best Cordless Leaf Blowers to Use with a Walk-Behind

Champion Power Equipment

Walk-Behind Push Gas Leafblower

Key Specs

TypeGas-powered walk-behind blower
Air flow1,300 cfm
Air speed160 mph
Weight97 lb
Noise rating77 dB

How do we test cordless leaf blowers with no cord?

Our product experts keep up with the marketplace to identify top-selling leaf blowers that you’re most likely to find at stores and online. Equip Exposition is an industry event that keeps us informed about the latest lawn and yard care products. We choose models that have been tested and proven reliable over many years at the Good Housekeeping Institute when choosing models to test. Brands with innovative features or newer models are also considered.

Our Lab is where you can perform hands-on testing. We test battery life and assembly ease. Product experts also took leaf blowers to their homes to assess their effectiveness in the real world.

As you can see, our performance tests assess how fast models remove leaves or debris. We also evaluate usability — for example, the intuitiveness of the controls and the run-time of battery-powered vacuums.

What are the main features to look for when choosing the best cordless leaf blower

The most important decision is whether you want a gas-powered or battery-powered vehicle. These are the main pros and cons:

✔️Gas-powered engines These engines are often more powerful and louder than others, so some communities ban their use. They can also be harder to start. Two-stroke engines are common, and they require mixing oil with fuel. Most cordless blowers (including those that are backpack or walk-behind) run on gas.

✔️Battery-powered engines
A rechargeable usually lasts for around 30 minutes. They are now more powerful than gas models, although they were less powerful in the past. They are easy to maintain, making these a popular choice.

These are the features that our experts recommend after you have decided which cordless leaf blower works best for you.

Variable-speed control. This allows you adjust the blower power. You can choose between a faster speed to clear large areas or a slower speed to reach the foundation and house. You can use the cruise control to release the trigger without touching it.

Multi-purpose. Leaf blowers can vacuum leaves and mulch them. You will be able switch between the various modes quickly. Some blowers can be converted easily with a simple flick of a switch. Others require different tubes or nozzles which must be attached and removed in order to convert.

Grip ergonomic.Softer grips reduce hand fatigue. Models with a second grip towards the nozzle provide better handling.

How is leaf blower horsepower measured

There are many things to consider. It is important to verify the claimed power of equipment that has a vacuum function or mulching function.

✔️Blowing power:The ability to blow air out determines the power of a leaf-blower. This is measured in cubic feet per hour or miles per anhour. These two measurements will be determined by the nature of the work. High air flow (500 CFM and more) will provide excellent sweeping power for large, dry leaves. If you live in an area that is moist and has small, sticky leaves, you will get superior loosening power at 150 mph.

✔️Vacuuming power: Vacuuming power is similar to blowing power (CFM) and is determined by a combination speed of (MPH), as well as airflow (CFM). A blower’s power is determined by how much air it can take in and how quickly it does so. Convertible engines share similar vacuuming and power but it is important that you understand both when purchasing a convertible machine.

✔️Mulcher reduction rateThis is the ratio of how many leaves vacuums encounter to how many leaves are mulched. Mulchers have a reduction ratio that is typically between 10 and 16 to 1.

Good Housekeeping: Why should you trust it?

The Good Housekeeping Institute Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab offers expert advice and reviews on all things home. Director of the Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab is Dan DiClerico. Over the course of his 20-year tenure, he has reviewed thousands and all types outdoor power equipment. He has extensive hands-on experience with all brands included in this report as well as those that didn’t make it. To create this report, Dan worked closely alongside Rachel Rothman (Chief Technologist at The Institute) and Director of Engineering. Rachel has been researching and testing home improvement products for over 15 year. She also tests leaf blowers, and other outdoor power equipment at her Long Island home.

Home Improvement & Outdoor Director
Dan DiClerico has been writing for over 20 years about home improvement. He has written numerous how-to articles and product reviews, covering everything from appliances to smart homes technology.

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6 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers for 2022

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