New fall season means beautiful sunset colors for leaves. These leaves are as beautiful as they sound, but they will soon be gone. It’s important to invest in one of these cordless leaf blowers. Practical design enthusiasts will be happy to know that this list doesn’t contain any clunky cords.

Gas blowers don’t have to be about form and function. ProhibitedMore than 100 U.S. cities. Apart from the inconvenience caused when there is excessively loud sound, Past studies showedThat the gas-powered tools “emit nearly 300 times the amount of air pollutants as a pickup truck.”

“The hydrocarbon emissions from a half-hour of yard work with the two-stroke leaf blower are about the same as a 3,900-mile drive from Texas to Alaska in a Raptor,” Engineering Editor Jason Kavanagh This was about the truck.. “As ridiculous as it may sound, it is more ‘green’ to ditch your yard equipment and find a way to blow leaves using a Raptor.”

There’s no reason to place your family, friends, or pets at risk when you’re doing maintenance around their homes. A battery-operated electric leafblower may take multiple charges, but it’s worth the small inconvenience. Get the best choice below, before the leaves start to fall!

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Best Value


Cordless Leaf Blower

Speed130 MPG
Power150 Cubic Feet per Minute, (CFM).
Battery TimeAround 40 Minutes
Weight4.4 Pounds

Trimmer is the best

The Home Depot

Cordless Leaf Blower and Hedge Trimmer

Weight9.7 Pounds
Speed155 MPH
Power600 CFM
Battery Time15-20 minutes

Best Overall

EGO Power+

Leaf blower with cordless Lithium Ion Cordless

Weight12.9 Pounds
Speed180 MPH
PowerMaximum 500 CFM
Battery TimeMore than 90 minutes

Best Vacuum and Mulcher


Vac Attack Cordless Leaf Vacuum/Mulcher

Weight12.7 Pounds
Battery Time23 minutes

Best Backpack


Pro 80V Cordless Backpack Leaveblower

Weight14.64 Pounds
Speed180 MPH
Power610 CPM
Battery Time18 Minutes

Are cordless blowers really worth the price?

It’s clear that a cordless electric lawn blower is the best option. A cordless electric mower is safer than traditional mowers and more efficient. Some blowers can reach speeds of up to 180 MPH and can cover 600 cubic yards per hour (CFM). These details should be carefully considered before you buy the gadget.


How long can a cordless Leaf Blower be used?

Depending on how big your yard is, you might need to charge the leaf blower more than once to get rid all the leaves. You can also use the EGO Power+This leaf blower has a battery life that lasts for 90 minutes and is one among our longest-lasting.

House BeautifulSenior Shopping Editor Isis Brigones highlighted important details such CFM, battery life, and more. The top cordless leaf blowers were evaluated. These are only the best-rated products, so you can rely upon them when shopping.

Senior Shopping Editor
Isis Briones is House Beautiful’s Senior Shopping Editor, she’ll find the best items for your home at every price point.

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5 Best Cordless leaf blowers of 2022

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