30 Ideas for Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edges

Lawn edges that have not been maintained can cause damage to your landscaping. A ragged edge can make your landscaping look unprofessional, no matter how beautiful. It is essential to maintain your lawn, and garden plants.

Your landscaping will not look finished if it doesn’t have a sharp edge. Here are some ideas to give your landscaping the final touch.


Why you need garden edging

For any type of landscaping, edging is necessary. Edging will create lines that separate your garden and lawn.

Here are a few reasons why garden edging is a good idea.

  • Your home will be more attractive
  • Transitions are possible
  • Accentuates beds
  • Produces clean lines.
  • Simple maintenance
  • It holds dirt, mulch, and other materials in place.
  • Enhances visual interest
  • Can you focus your attention on a single focal point?
  • Prevents grass from growing in the backyard
  • To stop garden plants growing in your yard,

How to choose the perfect garden edging idea

It can be overwhelming to find the perfect garden edge. There are many options. Before making your final decision, consider the cost, durability, appearance, time required, and price.

These are the most commonly used types of garden trimming.

Concrete Pavers and clay Bricks can be used for garden edging

Concrete pavers and clay bricks make up the most popular garden edging options. They are decorative, versatile, and long-lasting.


  • It lasts for many years
  • It is easy to install


  • Heavy
  • Can move over time
  • May need to be updated every few year

Plastic Garden Edging

Plastic edging can be a great choice for anyone looking for low-cost, quick garden edging ideas. Although they don’t add any decorative elements, they can help make maintenance easier by creating a barrier between your garden and lawn. You can buy plastic garden edging in either long rolls or individual sections.


  • It is very easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible


  • It is easy to get damaged
  • It will dry in the sun
  • Every few years, your equipment will need to be replaced
  • It is not as visually appealing as other edging.

Steel and Aluminium Garden Edging

Aluminium Garden Edging

Source: gardenedge.com.au

Metal edging can be more durable than plastic. It is easy to install and flexible. Metal is more attractive than plastic, and it will last longer than plastic.

Metal edging can be made from steel or aluminium. Aluminium is light and won’t rust. Steel can rust, but it’s also very heavy.


  • It is easy to install
  • Strong but flexible
  • It lasts for many years


  • Edges can be extremely sharp
  • Steel can rust
  • Not as visually appealing as other edging

Garden Fencing

There are many options for garden fencing. It is available in both metal and plastic, as well wood. It is simple-to-install and adds an artistic element to your project.


  • This product will be appreciated by small gardens.
  • Can add a decorative element


  • It’s hard to trim around
  • It is easy to get damaged
  • Keep the grass mowed

Rocks and Boulders Lawn Edging

Natural stones come in many different colours and shapes. You can use them to add organic elements. They are naturally nonuniform so you don’t have to make perfect curves or lines. For added dimension and height, you can also add large boulders.

There are many options available when it comes rock gardening. You can also set up rock gardens or rockery to create a low-maintenance, low-maintenance backyard. 

Wood Lawn Edging

Wood is an affordable option for those who want a natural look. There are many options for wood lawn edging. You can use cedar shake, bamboo or recycled pallets as well as landscaping lumbers and many other materials.


  • It looks natural
  • Untreated wood can be recycled.


  • Replace damaged or rotten plants

Concrete Edging

Concrete edging is modern, clean and easy to install. Once installed, concrete edging requires very little maintenance and can last for many years. Anyone can pour and form concrete if they have the necessary knowledge and the time.

If this is your first time working in concrete, you should hire a professional. If you’re a novice at concrete work, our guide can help you choose the best cement mixers. 


  • It will last a long while
  • Has a clean, modern look
  • Can be colored or stamped


  • Cannot be moved
  • Time-consuming installation

Trench Edge

Garden Trench Edging

Source: plantforsuccess.com

A trench is a better choice than other garden edge options. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a crisp, clean edge around your garden beds. Grab your shovel or spade and start digging.  


  • Heavy rains can cause damage at the edge
  • Flooding can lead to flooding in your bed
  • It requires a lot maintenance

30 Garden Edging Tips for Your Garden

Are you looking to find garden edging ideas for your garden? Be ready to be inspired. Here are 30 ideas for beautifying your garden and home.

1. No Dig Edging

No Dig Edging

Source: blog.gardenloversclub.com

It is common to partially bury the edge to keep it in place. Digging can be difficult and time-consuming depending on the ground. You can opt for no-dig edging if you don’t want to dig.

2. Slate Landscape Edging

Slate Landscape Edging

Source: gardenersoasis.com

Place large pieces of slate along the sides of a wall to create it. When the pieces of slate are placed upright, the wall will look like it has a structure. As time passes, the pieces of slate may start to fall. The stronger they will be the more you embed them in ground.

3. Trench Edging

Garden Trench Edging

Source: plantforsuccess.com

A trench is a great way of saving money on landscaping edging. To create a clean edge, you don’t need to use pavers.

All you need is a shovel. Only you need to keep the edge in place from time to time.

4. Flower Bed Brick Edging

Flower Bed Brick Edging

Source: gardeenworld.blogspot.com

Garden edging makes it easy to maintain your lawn. This is our favorite garden edging tip. You can run your mower right over the horizontal pavers.

This will eliminate the need to use a whipper snipper. It is easy and quick to maintain the perfect edge. 

5. Sawtooth Garden Edging

A sawtooth brick border is a great way of creating a clean, distinct border. To create the edge, you can use traditional red bricks. The sawtooth design is created by the angle of the bricks. You can find the edging around flower beds in old cottages.

6. Brick Garden Edging

To create a beautiful garden edge, you don’t need to hire a professional. This border can be created by you. Simply dig the trench and level it with gravel.

Place the block on top. The blocks are already in ground so you don’t need to do much.

8. Creative Pebble Borders

Pebbles can give your garden a natural look. Pebbles can give your garden texture, colour, interest, and interest. Pebbles can also be moved around a lot. If you don’t need a pebble edge but don’t mind rearranging stones constantly, you can put them in concrete.

9. Install a Flagstone Border Wall

Large flagstones can be placed directly on the ground, even if they are very heavy. You don’t need to dig to make a base. If you plan on using small flagstones, a solid base is essential.

To create a natural retaining walls, stack the flagstones on top of each other.

10. Concrete Landscape Kerb

Concrete Landscape Kerb

Source: woodshopdiaries.com

Are you looking for garden edging solutions that can be easily maintained? Pour a kerb. Concrete kerbs are beautiful and will last for many decades.

To create a kerb, prepare the area by creating the forms and pouring concrete. You will need to make sure that you don’t make a mistake.

11. Log Roll Edging

Log Roll Edging

Source: gardenstreet.co.uk

Log roll edging has become a favourite garden edging method. It is very popular in Australia. It is much easier to install than standard logs and looks professional.

Log rolls are made of real wood and enhance the natural elements of your garden.

12. Recycled Pallet Wood Lawn Edging

Recycled Pallet Wood Lawn Edging

Source: backyarddiy.wordpress.com

Wood pallets are a crafter’s dream. You can use them for many purposes. This creative border was easy to find when searching for garden edging options.

Pallets are made from wood so the edging won’t last forever. To prolong the life of the wood, you can treat it before installing it.

13. Curved Garden Edge

Straight walkways can be boring. Curves can add visual interest and dimension to your area. This will make your area more inviting and fun, and add a little bit of whimsy.

14. Decorate Small Areas

It is common to overlook small spaces when building a garden. To connect a small area that you have neglected, create a narrow walkway. 

15. Bamboo Garden Edging

Bamboo Garden Edging

Source: blog.gardenloversclub.com

Bamboo is an eco-friendly, natural option. You can either leave the pieces as they are or tie them together with a rope.

Because bamboo reeds are round, they can be used in curved gardens. Bamboo will not last more than 2 years if it isn’t treated. Bamboo can be treated, and it can last up 20 years.

16. Garden Edging with Boulders

Are you able locate large boulders in abundance. You can use them for garden edging. You can choose among a variety natural stones. You can either mix and match or just use one color.

You can pick stones of similar size or mix them together with smaller and larger rocks.

17. Install a Dry Creek Bed

Install a Dry Creek Bed

Source: serenityinthegarden.blogspot.com

Dry creek beds can be a great way to add interest and drainage. A dry creekbed is a great option for garden edging in areas where there is excess water. These beds can be used for downspout.

18. Brick Garden Edging

You have many options when it comes to garden edging with clay pavers. They can be placed in concrete, or left alone. You can use them to create a border between your yard and your lawn.

Clay bricks can last hundreds of year and are extremely durable. You might need to alter the layout of some bricks every few decades because the ground can move.

19. Recycled materials can be used to edge your garden.

Use Recycled Materials for Garden Edging

Source: fleamarketgardening.org

Old materials can be used as a way to express your artistic side. You can use many materials, including old glass bottles and even bicycle tires. These materials can add a fun touch to colour and nostalgia.

20. Wattle Edging

The centuries-old technique of wattle is still being used. A large pile of brushwood or a fresh one is all you need. The finished edging will look like a basket. They are very strong once the edging walls walls are completed.

21. Construct a Gabion Garden Wall Edge

There are many options for retaining wall designs that can be made with different materials. Choose a wall that matches your outdoor design.

A retaining wall can also be used to create raised flower beds. You can add height to your flower beds to enhance its overall design.

22. Large Cut Stone Edging

Large Cut Stone Garden Edging

Source: gardenersoasis.com

Look into large cut stones if you’re looking for grass edging ideas. Stones can be used for seating or dramatic effects. They are ideal for lining driveways or walkways.

They are made of stone, so they can last a long time. They are also very heavy and will not move.

23. Landscape Around Your Trees

Landscape Around Your Trees

Source: prideandjoylandscaping.com

A professional look for your lawn can be achieved by landscaping around trees. It can also make lawn maintenance much easier. If you bury your mower flush with ground, you can mow directly over the edge. This eliminates the necessity to use a whipper snapper.

24. Make a Stack Brick Garden border

Bricks are a great choice. Bricks can be laid flat on the ground, at an angle, or built into walls. Brick walls can be used to create a barrier between your patio and flowerbed.

Bricks can last many years. The bricks can fall out of place so it is important to maintain the wall.

25. Railroad Ties and Landscaping

Railroad ties can be easily found. Railroads replace ties regularly, creating a large supply. There are also new ties that have never seen the light of day.

Railroad ties could be the perfect solution if you’re looking for rustic garden edging options.

26. Terra Cotta Pipe Edging

Terra Cotta Pipe Edging

Source: lovecreekfarm.com

Terra cotta is a material that has been used for thousands of year. It has been used for making pots, sculptures, shingles, and other useful items. It is fitting that it can also serve as a garden edger.

Terra cotta landscape edge is available in a variety of colors that are suitable for gardening. You can also make landscape edging yourself using pipes and flowerpots.

28. Timber Garden Edging

Timber edgings may be more affordable that other types of garden edges. They can be used to create driveways or gravel paths.

They are often placed flush to the ground. Timber edgings can last for between 5-10years. You should ensure that the timber has not been treated before using it. Treated lumber can be dangerous for your garden. 

29. Slate Chips Garden Edging

Slate Chips Garden Edging

Source: farmfoodfamily.com

You can create a wide border using slate chips or small-sized aggregate. Draw your design and dig the ditch to secure the chips. To create contrast, you can also use garden edge. 

30. Aluminium Edging

Aluminium Garden Edging

Source: gardenedge.com.au

Aluminium edging can be a great choice for homeowners who want to enhance their garden without causing damage to the landscape. The edging can also be used in curves or straight runs.

After it has been installed, it is practically maintenance-free. Aluminum will not crack, rust, or rot.

Pick your favorite and start implementing them Garden Edging Ideas

You have spent a lot of effort planning and planting your garden landscaping. You are now ready to finish your project with one or more of these garden edging tips.

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30 Ideas for Garden, Lawn and Landscaping Edges

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