3 Best Makita Whipper Snippers In Australia

The Makita Whipper Snipper

Makita’s range of whipper snippers are all fairly similar, with comfortable grip handles, great balance and fast charging batteries. Although it might be difficult to choose between them, there are key features that make each tool stand apart in terms of quality or capability.

  • Power
  • RPM
  • Runtime
  • Length
  • Adaptability


Makita whipper-snippers are available with either 12V or 18V batteries. The 18V models are more capable of handling more difficult tasks, but they are heavier than the 12V models and can be more difficult to control. The 12V models, which can do a great deal of trimming lawn edges, are less powerful and cheaper.


RPM doesn’t necessarily translate to power or quality. The Makita whipper-snipper, which is the most expensive, is also the most powerful. It has a lower torque but higher RPM. This makes it more efficient in tough jobs like woody and bramble.

Most whipper snippers’ RPM rating indicates their free-turning speed. The spindles will turn faster if they have a greater amount of cutting material. However, RPMs that are higher indicate that they turn more quickly. Lower RPMs are more efficient and produce better results.


Makita’s 18V batteries have a pretty good life, with a 40-45 minute run time, depending on the tool. Continuous use of the 12V battery takes approximately 30 minutes.


Safety is paramount. Although shorter whipper scissors can be used more easily, they are less precise and require you to be close to the spindle. The longer whipper-snippers are heavier, but have better balance and allow for you to keep a safe distance between the rotating line and the whipper.

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3 Best Makita Whipper Snippers In Australia

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