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You might be looking for a sofa to replace your old one, or maybe you are moving into a new home and want to spend more on a couch. Cloud Couch by Restoration Hardware. Even if you’re ready to invest in a beautiful piece of furniture for your home and convince your spouse, why spend $12,000 when there are so many cloud couches that look just as good? The RH Cloud sofa is a fan favorite and only $12K.

I am currently looking for a Cloud couch dupeI would rather spend my money elsewhere than on a Rolls-Royce couch for my new home. So I did some research and found the best home decor websites. Overstock, Wayfair, Birch Lane, Bob’s Discount FurnitureI found the perfect substitute for the RH sectional couch. These sectional couches are just as comfortable as the RH and come in the same colors. You have many options for modern styling. Scroll down to find the perfect sectional modular sofa for your living space. You can purchase up to six pieces. These are the top 9 cloud couches alternatives that will help you save serious money.

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Best Cloud Couch Dupes

1. Anka Grey Linen 5-seat Sectional Sofa With 5 Seats by INSPIRE Modern, $3.737.02 on Overstock


Modular sectional sofas that look like clouds are made from modular sectionals and have down-filled chairs. OverstockThis chair can hold up to five persons. This versatile piece is made with grey linen upholstery. It can be paired well with many styles, decor, colors, and styles of furniture. For only $3,737, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience offered by a cloud sofa at a fraction its cost. Sectional Sofa with 5 seats in Anka Grey Linen by iNSPIREQ modern at $3,737.02

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2. Birch Lane: 128″ 2-Piece Upholstered Chaise Sectional. $2,555.00

Birch Lane

Birch Lane is well-known for its high quality furniture. 128″ Sectional with 2 Piece Upholstered Chaise Sectional is rated at 4.5/5-stars. Customers enjoyed ordering from Birch Lane. Customers were pleased with the customer service and polite delivery personnel. This cloud couch dupe has received rave reviews from customers who can’t get enough of it. “completely OVER THE MOON HAPPY with my new couch,”It is “very comfortable, spacious and ideal for all ages.” Family.” Get this top-rated cloud sofa dupe with reversible seat cushions (plus removable) and durable wooden legs in just 10-12 weeks. Birch Lane: 128″ 2-Piece Upholstered Chaise Sectional. $2,555.00

3. Anchoretta 134″ Wide Reversible Sectional Modular Sectional with Ottoman, $1749.99 at Wayfair


It is hard to believe that this amount is only $2K. 134″ wide modular sectionalComes with 2 ottomans and 2 armless chairs, plus 2 corner chairs (plus 2 extra throw pillows). It has a modern, inviting feel that is reminiscent of a cloud couch. And if you don’t like the configuration in the photo above, no problem—each seating segment can connect to each other with metal brackets in any shape you like. AnchorettaWayfair: 134″ Wide Reversible Modular Sectional, with Ottoman, $1.749.99

4. Oceanside 3-Piece Double Chaise Sectional, Deep-Seat Double Chaise, $4697.00 on Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel

Grab a super-attractive offer on the most wanted couch and make sure you check it out Crate & Barrel cloud couch dupe. Available in either 39.5″ or 43″The luxurious three-piece sectional includes an armless loveseat and flanked by right- or left-arm chaises. The cloud couch alternative is made of legit, high-end materials with FSC ®-certified engineered hardwood and high-resiliency foam wrapped in poly-feather blend. This cloud couch is ideal for reading, casual conversation, and casual conversation at get-togethers. Oceanside 3-Piece Double Chaise Sectional, Deep-Seat Double Chaise, $4697.00 on Crate & Barrel

5. Dream Gray 131 Modular 5 Piece Sectional, $2699.00 at Bob’s Discount Furniture


A cloud couch dupe at an incredible price! Bob’s Discount Furniture. This 5-piece sectional is made of Bob-O-Pedic Memory F-foam and comes in navy or grey. It is the perfect choice for those who are concerned about maintaining a white couch. This sofa is highly rated. This sofa is the best choice if you are looking for a new, spacious couch in 2022. “It’s actually huge,”A 5-star customer review is shared. “It feels like I’m in bed when I am on this sofa. I have gotten so many compliments on it already.” Dream Gray 131 Modular 5 Piece Sectional, $2699.00 at Bob’s Discount Furniture

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6. Homethreads – Commix Down Filled Overstuffed 6 piece Sectional Sofa Set Beige, 3,416.61


This is one of the top contenders in my list for purchasing a cloud couch dupe and it comes with 6 pieces so it’s a good bang for your buck at $3,416.61. This cloud couch features a sleek, modern design that gives it a contemporary and contemporary look. This design is a dupe for the cloud couch. HomethreadsIt has a luxurious linen texture and super comfortable with down feather and cotton cushions. This cloud couch is a great value for money. Homethreads: Commix Down Filled Sectional Sofa Set 6 Pieces Beige, $3416.61

7. Milo Modular Sectional at Rove Concepts, $5,624

Rove Concepts

This dupe, inspired by cloud-couch design, is still one of our most expensive. Rove Concepts Milo Sectional is worth it (and it’s still way cheaper than the real one at RH!). The flatbed design is sleek and elegant, with solid stainless steel legs. You can choose from 23 color swatches that will match your home decor. Included in the price are 1 left arm piece, 1 legless piece, and 1 ottoman. You can also choose from 4 throw cushions. All 3 layers of high-density foam cushioning is topped with premium 100% goose eggs. Milo Modular Sectional at Rove Concepts, $5,624

8. Harmony Modular Sofa, $499 – 2,799 at West Elm

West Elm

You can customize your cloud couch by buying individual pieces and making it unique to your needs. You can choose from a corner or ottoman chair, ottoman, left arm or right-arm chaise, seater couch, sleeper couch, and many other variations starting at $499.00. This sofa is just as comfortable as the O.G., with its deep seat. The cloud couch, or any handcrafted couch or couches you choose, will be super soft. West Elm claims on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being firmest), it’s a 1. Harmony Modular Sofa, $499.00 – 2,799.00 at West Elm

9. Maria Capasa 110″ Feathers Sectional, $1,499.95 at Valyou Furniture


This cloud couch knockoff is marked down on a special sale to $1,499.95 for the 110″. This easy-to-care-for cloud sofa is stain-proof and has removable covers with washable fabric while still having an elegant-yet-welcoming look. Acclaimed Italian designer Mario Capasa designed this lounge-worthy cloud couch that’s made with extra soft feathers according to ValyouMaria Capasa 11″ Feathers Sectional, $1,499.95 at Valyou Furniture

10. Emilio 90″ Recessed Arm Sofa, $912.49 at Wayfair


If you’re not interested in a sectional or simply don’t have the room, try out this 90″ recessed arm sofa from Wayfair’s custom upholstery team. You can choose from over 50 fabrics and the craftsmanship is impeccable, according to reviews. Plus, the price is definitely right—this is the cheapest cloud couch dupe on the list. Emilio 90″ Recessed Arm Sofa, $912.49 at Wayfair

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10 Restoration Hardware Cloud Couch Dupes You’ll Swear Look Just Like The Real Thing | Arena

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