Different types of sprinklers

There are many types and uses for sprinklers. All can be used to provide lawn irrigation with great results. Below, we’ll look at each of these types of sprinklers in detail:

  • oscillating sprinklers
  • wobble sprinklers
  • Circular sprinklers
  • Impact sprinklers/impulse irrigation
  • travelling sprinklers
  • Multi sprinklers
  • mini-Sprinklers

Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers use simple rocking tubes with perforations to spray water on rectangular lawns. Their spray pattern is made up of many sprays of water through small holes in the spraypipe.

Oscillating sprinklers offer the added benefit of being fun. Whether you’ve got kids, or dogs, or just enjoy unleashing your inner child, there’s nothing quite as playful as running through the tall arcs of water from oscillating sprinklers in summer.

Wobble Sprinklers

Wobble sprinklers are made to mimic rainfall. They are less likely to cause lawn damage than other types of sprinklers because they water lawns more deeply.

Most homeowners find wobble sprinklers too cumbersome because they have the to move around lawns often to water every corner.

Circular sprinklers

The term circular sprinklers can be used in many ways. A sprinkler is any sprinkler that rotates 360 degrees or sprays constant 360 veils of mist is a circular sprinkler. There are many models that can vary in pressure. For a sure indication, verify the area coverage as well as spray types.

Impact Sprinklers/Impulse Showerrs

The impact sprinkler, also known as impulse sprinklers is the traditional sprinkler system. Your hose connects to a vertical tube that sprays water at a rotating nozzle.

The jet angle causes the nozzle to spin slowly. The jet that leaves the nozzle strikes against a rocking mechanism, creating a multidirectional spray.

Impact sprinklers are still very popular in agriculture due to their high manufacturing specifications, but they tend to not come at a higher price.

Travelling sprinklers

Travelling sprinklers are sprinklers that actively roll across your lawn to water it. They come in many shapes and functions like robotic lawnmowers.

You’ll need to set up a path for them to follow, as they are propelled by water pressure, and produce a fairly light trickle of water. However, once they’re installed, they’re great fun to watch and irrigate lawns really well.


Multi-sprinklers come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t be scared off by the name. Multi-sprinklers are multifunctional and can be used for mist irrigation, spray irrigation, and jet irrigation. Sometimes it comes in pulses, sometimes in constant flows.

Multi sprinklers are great for Australian gardens as they can be used all year.


If you’re planning on full-scale lawn irrigation, avoid mini-sprinklers at all costs. However, if you’re looking to set up an automated watering system for the whole garden, mini-sprinklers are exceptionally useful tools.

They can be attached individually or in chains to water pots and hanging baskets.

You can use mini-sprinklers to water your seedlings during spring. Regular soaking can improve germination, especially when the weather warms up.

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