10 Best Hammers in Australia (2022 Reviews)

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Hammers

What is the most common hammer used?

Framing hammers, or claw hammers, are by far the most popular hammers you can buy. Although they can be used for many different tasks, they should not be your only hammer.

Claw hammers are great for basic jobs such as disassembling furniture, driving in nails and removing tough screws.

What type of hammer is best for demolition?

Sledgehammers are the best type of hammers for demolition, with heavyweight heads and long handles that help to spread the effort away from just the user’s swing.

They can be used to demolish any type of structure, from concrete to timber structures to stonework.

What is the strongest type hammer?

Steel handles hammers are the strongest hammers you can buy. They have cast steel bodies that attach directly to the head in one piece of metal. They are much less likely to break and can last a lifetime if they are properly cared for.

Like any steel product, it’s worth cleaning them and keeping them dry at all times to elongate their lifespan.

How long should a Hammer last?

Most hammers are sold with a basic warranty. This usually lasts for three to five years. However, any good hammer that is over $30 should last a lifetime.

Hammers are simple tools that can be used for a variety of jobs. Proper use and maintenanceThere is no reason for them to be damaged by weather or wear.

For more hammering jobs, see our product reviews and buyers’ guide below:

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10 Best Hammers in Australia (2022 Reviews)

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