Australian Buying Guide: 10 Best Cordless Drills of 2022

Cordless drills, which are battery-operated tools, are made for convenience, storage, and quick DIY projects. They are nearly identical to corded drills except for the fact that they have a battery.

Batteries drills can match performance and voltage of the most powerful corded ones available.

What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Drill

A new cordless drill is a significant investment. Most homeowners keep cornerstone tools like drills, circular saws, and belt sanders their entire life, so it’s not an investment to take lightly. 

If you’re a regular DIYer and know what you’ll be using your drill for in advance, it’s a fairly straightforward choice; just choose a drill that’s got enough power for your most common tasks. For others, buying the best isn’t that straightforward. 

We have created a guide to help find the right cordless drill for you.

Battery life

When choosing a cordless drill machine, battery life is my top priority. Power is important, and so are comfort and weight, but knowing you’ve got a tool that won’t surprise you with a dead battery is a must.

Some drills can last up to 24 hours while others require only 2 hours. As well as finding a good battery range, it’s worth checking the charging speeds too. 

Some batteries can be charged in less than an hour, while others take up to eight hours. And to make matters more complicated, battery life and charge time aren’t necessarily symbolic of the other, so check both in any product listing to be sure.

Power & Torque

The rating of cordless drills is based on Voltage (V). Anything around 18V is a decent tool but it is torque, rather than voltage, that is the most important indication of a drill’s ability.

15-30Nm is the standard torque of most drills, giving them enough drive that they won’t slow down in challenging tasks. For heavy-duty tasks, you should select a drill with at least 30Nm of torque. This drill is more expensive and may not suit most homeowners.

Type Chuck

There are five main types chuck(The tip of the drill, where drill bits attach to and are fastened before being used).

  • Keyed Chuck
  • Double-sleeve keyless chuck
  • Chuck with keyless single-sleeve
  • SDS chuck
  • Hex chuck

Keyed ChucksThese are the most secure and include a cogged lock to ensure that drill bits are securely fastened every time. There are problems with keyedchucks. The key must always be safe.

This is what most users think it means to attach the drill to the cord.

Double-sleeved chucksTo tighten the chuck hold the lower sleeve in position and then turn the top sleeves. These chucks are capable of handling more than 90% of drilling jobs. They are easy to tighten and can handle all types of drilling.

Single-sleeve chucksThese chucks are easy-to-tighten and can be used in DIY projects. However, they don’t fasten as well as keyed chucks and double-sleeved ones.

SDS chucks These chucks can only be used for SDS drill bits or SDS drilling bits. They are very easy to use. To lock in the drill bits, slide the chuck upwards and then downwards.

For any other drill bits, SDS adapters are available. This could be used to attach an SDS-chuck or keylesschucks to an existing keylesschuck.

SDS drills work with most bits, provided that you have the correct fittings.

Hexchucks and hex connectionsThese are usually fitted to cordless screwdrivers. These low-powered tools are made for drilling, not for screwing. Drills that use only hex connectors will not be worth the money.

The connection will be loose and any adaptable bit can move or snap, so care must be taken.

Comfort / Grip

Most cordless drills have a basic rear handle. Some cordless drills, however, have T-Bar handle and very comfortable grips that allow for more control. T-Bar handles are great for stone drilling and masonry, but not necessary for most timber work. 

The best drill is one that feels right. If the handle looks comfortable, it probably is, and if it’s a good weight to hold, it’ll be comfortable to use.

Brushless Motors

This isn’t just a rule for battery powered drills. It should be used in conjunction with any cordless tool. Brushless motors dramatically improve battery efficiency, battery life, and power.

Any cordless drill that isn’t manufactured with a brushless motor can overheat, causing damage to the tool, and becoming a risk in the workshop.

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Australian Buying Guide: 10 Best Cordless Drills of 2022

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