10 Best Band Saws | 2022 Australian Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Band Saw

When choosing the right bandsaw, you need to narrow down your choices. If you’re a carpenter, then obviously you’ll need a band saw with an extractor for dust, and generally speaking, narrower bands are advisable for more versatile cutting.

Wider blades are better for metal because they reduce vibration and allow for straighter cuts, which are easier to control. But let’s cut down the confusion, and look at the most important difference between different band saws:

Blade width

Different blades are compatible with different materials. The most important thing to consider when choosing the right width blade for you is the radius of your curve.

For example, a 25mm blade is best for straight cuts, but can also be used to handle curves up 175m in radius. For really tight curves, with a radius or 3-8mm you’ll need a 3mm blade. 

Many band saws won’t take 3mm blades, so finding one that does opens up more options. Many band saws can accommodate a variety sizes of blades. Before you make a purchase, be sure to review the specifications of each model.

You can accomplish more projects with one tool if you have more options.


As a rule of thumb, hand-held bandsaws are more powerful that tabletop or freestanding ones. The power is determined by the motor and the power source.

Hobbyists and DIYers will likely be satisfied with 1HP. For professionals and contractors, a larger tool with two horsepower is better. It allows for more flexibility and less chance for the blade to catch, jump, or jam. It is also more capable of handling tough and brittle materials.

Capacity reduction

Capacity reduction is determined by ‘throat’ ‘depth’. The distance between the frame of a bandsaw and the blade is called the “Throat measurement”.

If your cut is deeper into your material than the throat, your band saw simply won’t fit. The cutting depth is the distance between the blade’s entry and exit points. It also indicates how much material it can handle.

Because the blade moves in a constant motion, it can cut through almost anything that is smaller than the blade’s exposed area.


Band saws can be used for cutting many materials. Some band saws can be used to cut timber, while others can be used for cutting metal. Cutting through plastic won’t be a problem for any band saw, but it’s important to be sure you’re buying a band saw that’s suited to either metal or woodwork.

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10 Best Band Saws | 2022 Australian Buying Guide

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